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Interesting Facts About Dubai – Know About Dubai City

Interesting Facts About Dubai – Know About Dubai City. Dubai is the 33rd richest city of the world in terms of it dwellers purchasing capacity. The Most important city of the seven emirates those form the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as it is the hub for worldwide economic activity of many global companies. The city situates south of the Arabian Gulf on the large Arabian Peninsula. The Dubai town started from 1799 though its history is as old as 1095. The formal establishment of the city was in the early 19th century. Here you will get information about Dubai and employment in Dubai .

Geographically it’s in the middle of the continents connecting in naval route the Europe, Asia and Africa. Since 1966 the country got oil and gold that expanded the city to a huge extent. Today it’s a high ranked global city for trade, science, education and culture. Like most other Arab countries Dubai has a government in the form of a constitutional monarchy.

The supreme federal legislative body for the United Arab Emirates is the Federal National Council FNC. Dubai nominates eight members for the two term period for the FNC. Dubai Municipality first established in 1954 looks after urban planning, public services and all other facilities for the city to the city dwellers. So that all of all 40 city services are properly reached to the population, Municipality introduced E governance since 2001. The sewage and infrastructure matters are also manage by the municipality.

As security and law enforcers, the Dubai Police Force was established in 1956 in Naif, under the direct control since ever of the ruler of the emirates. About 250000 employees are working in Dubai most of them are Asian and African. The constitution permits equal treatment to all the people on Dubai in regard of race, status, religion, colors, etc. Dubai employment agency looks after the Job vacancy of Dubai and any cheat or ill treatment regarding getting jobs in Dubai.

From a sleepy fishing village, Dubai’s face has tremendously changed over the past few decades and has now emerged into an incomparable destination with a fast growing economy and gleaming attractions, drawing expats, business people and holidaymakers from different parts of the world to explore the city’s fascinating side and eke out a living here. In fact, Dubai is now a city of contrasts with a myriad of colors and passions – each that manifests in its residents as well as situations. Needless to say, Dubai wraps up quite a lot of surprises, and it’s obvious that you might be curious to know more about this global city. So here are a few:

Occupying an area of about 4,120 square kilometers, Dubai is the largest emirate in the UAE, after Abu Dhabi. With Sharjah in the northeast, Abu Dhabi in the south and Oman in the southeast, Dubai is situated along the Persian Gulf’s southern coast on the Arabian Peninsula.

The word ‘Dubai’ is believed to have been originated from ‘Daba’ – literally meaning a horde of locusts.

Though oil and fossil fuels are largely the basis of Dubai’s economy, its thriving tourism and trade scenario helps it to rake in huge income.

Tax-free earning is one of the key reasons that attract job seekers and talented professionals from across the world to Dubai. This, in turn, enables people to save and send money back home.

Long before petroleum and tourist attractions became the region’s prime source of bread and butter, Dubai enjoyed the status as a significant pearl farming centre during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The pearl industry later collapsed due to First World War, Great Depression and invention of cultured pearl by the Japanese, among many other factors.

Dubai is well-known as a city of skyscrapers. But little may be known to many that back in 1991, the Dubai World Trade Centre was the only skyscraper in the city. Two decades later now, Dubai is home to more than 400 skyscrapers including Burj Khalifa – the tallest of its kind in the world.

Dubai is one of the few cities that is home to a number of one-of-its-kind or first of its kind in the world, such as the tallest man-made structure, only seven-star hotel, tallest hotel, biggest aquarium, biggest mall etc.

The centerpiece of Dubai is perhaps its world-class malls that stand as an epitome of elegance and opulence. Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates with indoor skiing facility and Ibn Batutta Mall are just few to name.

More than 80% of Dubai’s population (about 1.5 million) is immigrants as well as tourists from different parts of the world. In fact, Emiratis make only 18% to 19% of the overall population. Another interesting fact is that nearly 100,000 new residents arrive here per year.

Due to its location in the northern desert belt, Dubai features a tropical desert climate, with extremely hot and dry summers and mild winters. While the temperature usually goes higher than 45 degree Celsius during summer, it ranges from 14 to 23 degree Celsius in winter. The days are sunny throughout the year. The best time to visit the place is from December through March when the climate is comfortable and salubrious.

Dubai is a popular vacation spot for one reason that it has it all. From blue, sandy beaches to the fashionable towering malls, fancy restaurants to cultural souks, you name it and Dubai has it. It is a commonly said that Dubai is a melting pot and this is not entirely true. So if you think of choosing Dubai for your destination this summer then you will definitely enjoy your experience.

There are many malls like, the mall of Emirates, City Centre, Wafi Mall among others. It has a snow park, which is famous for indoor skiing and ice-skating. There is the Dubai zoo for children and adults alike that are animal lovers. The desert safari is a once in a lifetime experience. Driving on sand dunes, eating in the middle of the desert and enjoying hubble bubble, it totally makes this authentic. There are cinemas and art galleries. Arab artists are emerging from purely calligraphic art and delving into newer options. You can see the souks, especially the gold souk which can leave anyone enchanted. There is just so much gold to be seen and appreciated. For a woman, gold souk is a candy store.

Vacationing in Dubai will be a special event, so let’s take you through one of the city’s best entertainment places, Al Bustan Rotana. It is the ultimate package, what you can expect is amusement options, a lot of entertainment, 5-star accommodation and complete relaxation. It is located in the heart of the city, amidst bustling shopping malls and wonderful restaurants if you choose to get a taste of Dubai city. Exhibit halls, World Trade Center and the Airport are all in the close vicinity.

Another absolutely relaxing, 5-star accommodation would be – The Monarch Dubai. This 33 stories hotel has one of the best views of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf. It has 5 restaurants that serve mouth-watering European, Japanese and Indian delicacies.

If all the buildings in Dubai were models then Burj al Arab would certainly be a showstopper. The intimidating structure is an integral part of Dubai skyline. Burj al Arab looks out to the Jumeira Beach, which makes for a fabulous view. Burj al Arab also boasts of five classy restaurants, conference rooms and shops. The décor is so grand that many tourists just pay to see the interiors adorned with fountains and shaded amongst palm trees.

Amongst the newer, trendier additions of Dubai, is the Jumeira Beach Club. It is seen frequented by sassy Hollywood celebrities. The Jumeira Beach Club is situated within the Arabian Club. This hotel is popular because of its great service, fine dining and the perfect ambience.

Another hotel, which overlooks Burj al Arab, is Madinat ul Jumeira, it’s a perfect for romantic setting. There are boats, which take you to Jumeira beach. The interiors are a blend of Moroccan and Arab, with a souk built within the hotel. Right across Madinat al Jumeira is Wild Wadi water park. Which is another attraction, this water park is boasts of exciting water rides that you cannot miss. Dubai vacation is memorable event, a place that you would love to go back to, again and again.

Essential info for Dubai

Population: About 2.5 million
Neighbouring countries: Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen

Political system: Dubai is an emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is a federation of seven constitutional monarchies/emirates. Traditionally the ruler of Abu Dhabi, the neighbouring emirate, is also the president of the UAE.

Major religion: Islam is the official religion. Although other religions are tolerated, proselytising is illegal.

Main languages: Arabic is the official language, but English is widely spoken.

Money: The currency of Dubai is the Dirham (AED), divided into 100 fils. ATMs are widely available and credit cards are accepted in most establishments. Expats can open a bank account in Dubai.

Tipping: Standard 10 percent.

Time: GMT +4 (for the UAE)

Electricity: 220 and 240 volts, 50Hz. The square three-pin type plugs are the most frequently used.

Internet domain: .ae

International dialling code: +971 (entire UAE). City/area codes are in use, e.g. (0)2 for Abu Dhabi and (0)4 for Dubai.

Emergency contacts: In case of emergency, expats can dial 999.

Transport and driving: drive on the right

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