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Yellow Brick Road Nursery Al Garhoud Dubai

Yellow Brick Road Nursery Al Garhoud Dubai
Yellow Brick Road Nursery Al Garhoud DubaiYellow Brick Road Nursery Al Garhoud DubaiYellow Brick Road Nursery Al Garhoud DubaiYellow Brick Road Nursery Al Garhoud Dubai
  • Al Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • +971 +971 4 282829042828290
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Yellow Brick Road Nursery Al Garhoud Dubai

Yellow Brick Road Nursery – Is the first of our Beautiful Minds Nurseries schools and we recently and proudly celebrated our 12th anniversary on April 16th, 2014! We are a very special early childhood nursery-environment for children where the rhythm of daily life is gentle and unhurried, where the deep needs of babies and children to create, initiate and imagine freely are unhindered.

We care for babies from 2 months, they will be very well looked after in our special designated baby care nursery area, and after the baby room your toddlers and preschoolers can stay with us in our early development programs until they reach their 5th birthday.

Yellow Brick Road Nursery has a unique and distinctive approach to early learning and preschool education. Our preschool teaching methods are dedicated to creating a genuine love for learning within each child. Our children rely on us, the adults in their lives’, not only to protect them from harmful and unhealthy influences, but also to provide an environment in which they are able to develop at their own pace.

The early learning education we offer your preschool children at Yellow Brick Road Nursery school strives to engage and nourish each child’s innate curiosity and love of learning. We offer a balance of academic, artistic, and practical activities, so your child receives a wonderful childhood education giving full preparation for life’s experiences.

Yellow Brick Road Nursery is purposely designed as a ‘child’s world’ – not an ‘adult’s world in miniature’, therefore, particular care and attention has evoked minute and beautiful details throughout the Nursery to enhance the best of early childhood education in each and every child.

Yellow Brick Road Nursery is honored to have early education qualified and experienced staff whose dedication and sole purpose is to take care of your preschooler’s unique learning styles such as preschool math, preschool art and science within our preschool syllabus.

Your child will feel like he/she is in a home away from home as so much thought and expertise has gone into creating such a beautiful, safe and holistic Nursery. Our children are from many countries – at times more than 80 nationalities – this we are proud of as the Nursery is truly a ‘United Nations in miniature’! Beautiful Minds Nurseries is an idea born to unite Ms. Bernadette’s four beautiful children’s nurseries. We believe all children are born with beautiful minds and our responsibility is to fulfil our commitment to parents and for you to honour your commitment to us.

The Nurseries provide safe, loving and stimulating environments for your children; with reassuringly high standards of day care and excellent facilities, we provide the individual attention and stimulus your baby and preschooler needs to feel happy and confident and to approach life and school with a positive disposition for learning.

Nursery Curriculum

Yellow Brick Road Nursery is dedicated to taking extra special care of all your preschooler’s early learning needs. We realize each child is special and we will help and encourage your child to learn and develop.

The preschool classes for the children aged three and four years complete very important preschool learning programs and skills which give the children the understanding and the recognition of phonic sounds, counting and also recognizing numbers, quantities, colour and shapes; plus pre-reading and pre-writing programs such as writing their own names and recognizing the same.

Our Nursery Curriculum is based around the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework incorporates methods from Montessori. Keeping each child’s individual strengths and interests at heart and where children are granted the freedom to explore and play, igniting their passion and excitement for learning.

British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The Principles

A Unique Child – recognises that every child is a unique child who is consistently learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.

Positive Relationships – describes how children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.

Enabling Environments – describes how children learn well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents and carers.

Learning and Development – recognizes that children develop and learn in different ways. The framework covers the education and care of all children in early years provision, including children with special educational needs and disabilities.

At Yellow Brick Road Nursery, we are proud to offer the following facilities

Indoor Learning Areas

– Colorful and creative open-plan classrooms, with age appropriate equipment and materials.
– Well – resourced indoor play area designed to cover all essential learning areas, and challenging for all ages and stages of child development.
– Fully equipped music and multi-purpose room with piano, guitars, African drums and children’s musical instruments where children can explore with the creative arts.
– Classroom Promethean Interactive Boards and computers connected to wireless internet.
– Cosy and comfortable library.

Outdoor Learning Areas

Bright and breezy outdoor play area with swings, sandpits, slides, and bikes. We believe in using this area as an ‘extension of the classroom,’ and during the cooler months have planned activities including, painting, messy play, water play, block and construction, role-play, musical and more.

Our very own vegetable garden where the children can care for and cultivate their own ‘home-grown’ produce.

A shallow Nursery sized swimming pool where children gain early confidence in the water. This area is protected with a 2 metre fence with a self – closing lock plus an additional 1.2 metre gate for added security.

Bathroom Facilities

Bathrooms with sensory taps and soap dispensers and low basins and toilets to promote positive toileting routines and habits.

Dining Facilities

– Commercial quality kitchen, preparing daily fresh nutritional meals.
– Nursery Dining room for the complete dining experience, to encourage a positive attitude towards eating and table etiquette.

Health and Safety

– Fully equipped Nursery Clinic.
– 20 cameras on our 24 hours CCTV.
– Safety gates.
– Air purifiers.

Our Baby Care

Routines big and small regulate your baby’s day and his or her seasons and their predictability fosters a deep sense of security.

That’s why at Yellow Brick Road Nursery we create and follow a baby care program for your baby depending on his or her age and ability. Babies are welcome to join us from the age of two months.

Please note that we operate on an open door policy so parents are welcome at any time.

At Yellow Brick Road Nursery we are dedicated to providing the best quality care for our smallest and most precious young people. We go out of way to maintain a nurturing and stimulating environment in which the babies can grow, develop and learn in the way they know best… through their senses.

Baby Care Program and Activities

Baby Learning Environment

Because a baby learns primarily through physical and sensory exploration, their environment must allow them to investigate their bodies and their play space safely and comfortably. At Yellow Brick Road Nursery we give very close consideration to the organization of space and equipment, floor coverings, lighting, noise, softness, comfort and aesthetics.

Baby Facilities

Our babies sleeping room is like no other, designed to feel as though you have just walked into your babies sleeping room at home. Each baby has their own cot, with their own bedding and in this calming and soothing environment the babies sleep peacefully.

Meal times are a very important time of day and we believe should be unhurried and relaxing in order to encourage positive eating routines. For this reason we have a very comfortable dining area for the babies, where they sit together and share their positive dining experiences with each other.

Baby Routine

With help from the team of our fully qualified and DHA certified Nurses and baby room teachers, we create individual routines that best suits you and your baby, as we understand that one routine may not suit all infants. For parents who do not have a set routine in place for their baby, we can help adjust your baby into a routine that will make them feel secure, safe, and loved, in addition to sleeping straight throughout the night.

Sensory Play

We are passionate about providing babies with interesting and stimulating sensory play experiences, that foster the connections being made in a baby’s brain and which then lead to healthy cognitive development. We achieve this for example through messy play activities, which encourages sensory and tactile development

Heuristic Play

Heuristic play is used to describe play for babies, infants and toddlers that actively encourages exploration and discovery. Presented as a basket of natural resources babies are free to explore without interruption and make their own discoveries about their world, their bodies and senses, and about texture, shape and colour.

Creative Play

At Yellow Brick Road Nursery we believe that creative play is about the “process not the product.” We understand that for example the act of painting involves not only physical coordination but also important cognitive processes, so when painting we encourage babies to explore with different materials like big wide brushes, small thin brushes, rollers, large feathers, toothbrushes, large pieces of sponge and other exciting and interesting resources.

Level Taught: Nursery
Year Founded: 2001

Contact Information

Yellow Brick Road Nursery
Address: Street 31A Al Garhoud, Dubai United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +97142828290
Fax: +97142828214

For Registration Enquiries, please contact Lynn Mumford, Administrations Manager

For Marketing and Advertising

For General Enquiries, please contact Lourdes D’Cunha, Nursery Manager

To contact Ms. Bernadette King- Turner, Founder & Director of Beautiful Minds Nurseries.

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