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Jobs in Dubai – Find and Search for Jobs in Dubai city. Looking for a Job in Dubai or Recruitment in Dubai UAE. Find Top Job Opportunities in Dubai UAE. Living and working in Dubai is a dream for many. Do you have the same aspirations? Read on to know all about the employment scenario and jobs in Dubai city. Dubai is possibly one of the last places left on the planet where there is an active jobs market – at least that’s how it feels to many living in the UK and the USA where job cuts are now the norm as companies feel the economic pinch and rein in spending by cutting back staff. As a result, there is active interest in working overseas, and one particular location where there is a lot of focus is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. The city and emirate of the same name offers a tax-free lifestyle to international employers, and what’s more, the sun almost always shines in Dubai and the way of life is incredibly luxurious.

These factors add up in the location’s favour, as does the fact that although affected by the global credit crisis, Dubai employers still have jobs available for well-qualified individuals from around the world in many industries. If you’re looking to move abroad to live and work for a period of time and you fancy the idea of a tax-free salary and a very exciting lifestyle, then Dubai could well be the number one choice for you. But how do you get a job in Dubai – after all, it’s a location a long way away for most of us, and one where you need a job to have a visa to go and live there?

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Dubai Jobs - Find and Search for Jobs in Dubai. Looking for a Job in Dubai or Recruitment in Dubai UAE. Find Top Job Opportunities in Dubai UAE.

Jobs in Dubai for Expats

Dubai, the second largest state in the UAE, is a global economic hub. Several people desire to have jobs in Dubai for reasons like good earning, tax-free income, luxurious lifestyle, breathtaking scenery and good work culture. Dubai is highly liberal and progressive state. Expats are even allowed to own a property in Dubai which is otherwise not permitted in other Middle East nations.

Types of job sectors in Dubai

Unlike other nations in the Middle East, oil is not the primary industry in Dubai. The most promising jobs in Dubai for expats are in growing sectors like oil and gas, constructions, tourism and financial services and related industries. The economy of Dubai is largely dependent on its oil industry. It is rich mainly because of its huge oil resources. The large oil reserves of Dubai have made it one of the biggest oil producers in the world. But Dubai has not relied only on oil for its economic growth. This fast-growing place has also a large number of booming sectors like: Tourism, Real Estate, Finances, Construction, Information Technology (IT), Retail, Education, Hospitality and Healthcare.

Salary & other Benefits in Dubai

Expats love Dubai as a work destination for its high salaries and tax free income. In fact, Dubai offers one of higher salaries than other states in UAE. A supply chain manager in gas, oil and engineering industry or a technical general manager can expect to earn AED 75,000 per month; a senior construction director can get AED 80,000 per month. However, starting salaries for engineers, managers can be 12K-15K AED per month. Moreover, salaries depend upon the experience, qualification and nationality. High paying jobs come with all kinds of perks like accommodation, car, mobile phones, one ticket per year, etc.

Cost of living in Dubai

Although Dubai is a great place to work and live due to hefty salaries and grandiose lifestyle, one should remember that cost of living there can be high. For accommodation, you can get a furnished two bedroom house in a good area at AED 9,000 monthly rent or and unfurnished two bedroom house at AED 7,000 and a room in a shared apartment can cost around AED 2,000. For transport, if you can afford, buy a car as petrol and maintenance is cheap here. Also, you can hire a car at a monthly rent like a small hatchback car can be hired at 1,500 AED. A taxi can cost you AED 2/km and city center bus fares about AED 2.

Education for Expats in Dubai

Since expats are not permitted to attend public schools run by state government in Dubai, they need to admit their wards in private and international schools. However, fee and tuition expenses are very high. It can be around AED 90,000 annually for attending any of the international schools in Dubai.

Social life Entertainment and Nightlife in Dubai

Dubai offers several options when it comes to entertainment and nightlife. However, to beat the heavy heat in Dubai, most entertainment is located air-conditioned indoor environment. Social atmosphere is thriving and social calendar of an expat is almost full for the entire month with several things like music festivals, world class restaurants and hotel bars. There are a few nightclubs also. A lot of tourists visit Dubai for its natural charm and fun filled activities that give them an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate completely.

Dubai Visa

Any non-UAE citizen essentially needs a residency visa that allows them to stay in Dubai for three years. Later, they can apply for a work permit that is issued by the Ministry of Labor. Having work permit is mandatory if you want to work in Dubai. To get a work permit in Dubai, it is important to have a confirmed job letter in hand the employer in Dubai will sponsor the visa and also bear the cost of sponsoring. Before getting a residency visa, you need health check.

Dubai Working Hours and Weekends

Working week in Dubai, like in other Islamic countries, is from Sunday to Thursday while some other businesses and retail outlets are open six day week and keep off on Friday, a holy day for Muslims. Usual business hours start from 8 am to 1 Pm and then resume after 4 pm and continue up to 7 pm. However, international companies work from 9 am to 6 pm. During Ramadan, working hours are reduced.

Applying for a job in Dubai

Dubai is home to many emigrants who are in lookout for better job opportunities and higher pay scales. After the advent of recession, many people have started diverting to Dubai for an improved lifestyle. Since Dubai is a global city with numerous opportunities, job onlookers are offered satisfying tax-free packages. If you are planning to apply for a job in Dubai, you must know basic tips and tricks.

Choice of a job entirely depends on the profession and opportunities available in different sectors such as construction, IT, telecom, media and banking jobs. Some people also get an opportunity to work with a government organization. Before you apply for a job in Dubai, verify that you are under the guidance of a professional recruitment agency. Different agencies have different procedures of recruitment. Some of the agencies offer an online recruitment process while others provide manual selection process.

With growing opportunities, many agencies keep on upgrading their process of requirements. At present, many agencies have developed a unique social networking tool where qualified candidates can easily connect with other professionals. The recruitment consultants as a mediators interact with candidates so that they are offered a good package with valuable perks. However, one should stay away from agencies whose prime motto is to derive money from innocents.
What Dubai Jobs are Available?

Dubai is a thriving city developing at a breakneck speed. This has created a favorable scenario for the job market in Dubai. A glance through the job vacancy and recruitment website links reveal vacancies varying from manual laborers to CEO executives.

The constant on going construction, booming tourism, hospitality sector, IT and education sector, off shore oil explorations, and shipbuilding industry have created an abundance of temporary jobs in Dubai. People outside Dubai fill most of these vacancies. They are usually hired for a project on a short-term contract with a previously agreed time frame that may vary from three months to a year.

The infrastructure of Dubai, on par with the rest of the world, has led many IT companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle to set up their base here. This has created many job opportunities in the IT industry in Dubai.

Dubai, known as the shopping capital of the Middle East, is littered with shopping malls and departmental stores. As a result, a wide number of retail jobs are available in the emirate. The tourism industry is still booming and growing every day. This has led to vacancies in the tourism industry, along with its co-existing sectors such as hotel jobs, hospitality, construction and finance sector. With Dubai’s projection as a future city, many foreign investors are attracted to Dubai. This has created a need for bilingual translators. The rise of tourism has inevitably led to a growth in the media industry, creating a wealth of opportunities. Jobs in the government, healthcare and education sector are also on the rise in Dubai.
Is Dubai a good place to work?

Dubai’s booming economic condition acts as a magnet for job seekers and expats from recession-recovering economies around the world. A moderate Islamic state that refrains from binding its expats in religious constraints, Dubai allows foreigners to live life on their own terms, albeit within certain limits. This prosperous state of UAE has traveled a long road when it was a desert with no speck of infrastructure and life other than the local nomads. A sudden burst of development has fuelled it into a dream destination for expats expecting an account bursting tax-free income.

Dubai works for careers primarily due to its thriving economy and tax benefits. Presently it is seeing an influx of educated professionals who come to earn in a secure state matched by its social and tourism life cycle. The motto “Work hard and party hard” works well here since the beaches, attractions, and nightlife are the big pluses for any working professional.

Even for a working woman in a Muslim country, Dubai laws are lenient to a certain extent. Their preferences are respected but within certain moral settings. Women in Dubai also enjoy an added advantage of working in an emirate that assures stringent punishments (sometimes death penalty) in criminal cases. This has kept the crime rate extremely low.

There are certain laws of a Muslim country applicable to every expat. However, if religious perspectives are respected then one can create a harmonious balance of work and play in Dubai.

Dubai Job Consultancy Firms & Job Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

Looking for another effective way to look for employment in Dubai? Get in touch with any of the recruitment agencies in Dubai. You need to provide these firms with your resume as well as professional and educational details. The companies will look for the best jobs for you based on your profile. They can also provide you with other useful services like

Resume writing tips
Guidance about career prospects in Dubai
Advice about salary structure in Dubai
Desirable candidate profile

These firms may charge you a small amount for their annual services.

Job Sites in Dubai

The job sites on the net offer an easy way to look for jobs available in Dubai. These employment sites offer country based job search option. You can use it to look for attractive employment offers in Dubai. You can also save time by typing “Jobs in Dubai” in the Google search-box. Visit the job sites that come up in the search results. You must register at these sites to apply for the job offers posted there. Registration is free unless you decide to use any of the paid services offered by the sites. In that case, you need to take up a premium membership. is a job portal dedicated solely to job opportunities in the Middle East. The site regularly posts the trends in the recruitment industry and tips for job seekers and employers.

Gulf News Classifieds – a respected publishing industry in the Middle East, made its web presence known in the year 1996. It also runs a job portal listing job vacancies in various sectors. is a UK based recruitment site and a part of the Totaljobs Group Ltd. It is one of UK’s largest and fastest growing recruitment agencies. is touted as the best place to buy a house, sell a car or find a job in the Middle East and North America. By the viewer ship and fan following, it is safe to say, that the site does deliver. is a website created by the expatriates to bring together like-minded people all over the world. Khaleej Times belongs to Galadari Printing and Publishing Co. L.L.C. It is the first newspaper to be launched in the UAE. With its dedicated distribution network, especially appointment, such a popular newspaper has entered into recruitment sector. is the fastest emerging job site and a big online platform for jobseekers and employers. Launched in 2006, it has a unique presence in Gulf countries, especially UAE.

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