Amsa Renal Care in Dubai Healthcare City

  • Unit No: 1001, Al Razi Medical Complex, Building no: 64, Block A, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • +97142779214
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Amsa Renal Care in Dubai Healthcare City

Amsa Renal Care in Dubai Healthcare City – A specialized center with a strong focus on Hemodialysis, AMSA aims to cover all areas of Nephrology in the future. With a goal to build many such centers across the region and in many countries we will be bringing Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis and Vascular Surgery one step closer to all patients. Our experienced core team of Nephrologists, Technicians and Nurses have been doing dialysis in DUBAI and also in beautiful and exotic locations like SEYCHELLES, MAURITIUS, SRILANKA, TURKEY, EGYPT and ICELAND. We not only cover local dialysis needs but also to cater to all the dialysis patients who are travelling to these locations for business or pleasure.

State of the art facilities

• Core team of Nephrologists and visiting transplant specialists.
• Patients at AMSA Renal Care need not compromise on their Holiday or Work schedule and can book their Dialysis session as per their convenience.
• AMSA Renal Care houses state-of-the-art Dialysis machines from B. Braun, Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration Systems and single use Dialyzers for each session.
• Amsa Renal Care also has seperate arrangement for Hep-B and Hep-C positive patients who are undergoing dialysis treatment.
• AMSA Renal Care is operational every day, even on public holidays and the focus is solely on patient convenience and comfort.
Diet consultation services for patients.
• AMSA offers Wi-Fi facility, TV & Magazines for entertainment and work.
• AMSA Renal Care offers 24/7 on call Medical Assistance.
• AMSA Renal Care offers many other value added services like Food Services & Pick-up and Drop facilities etc.

About Dialysis

Knowing Your Kidneys

• Healthy Kidneys are the body’s cleaning crew
• These are twin bean shaped organs, of the size of fist
• They make up a filter system for the blood & reabsorb almost 99% of the fluid into the blood
• They allow blood to retain glucose, salts and minerals and remove toxic materials like urea, drugs etc.
• Urine forms in kidneys, drains in ureter, gets stored in bladder and excretes through uretha
• Each day kidneys secrete 1.5 – 2.5 liter of urine

Functions of the kidney

• Removes toxic and waste products & excess water
• Maintains body’s balance of salts
– Sodium
– Calcium
– Phospate and other acid substances

• Releases several hormones
– Renin helps to regulate Blood Pressure
• Erythropoietin helps iin RBC production
• Activcated Vitamin D helps maintain normal bones

Kidney Diseases

• Kidney diseases alter the structure and function of kidneys
• Leading causes are diseases like Diabetes and High BP
• Certain drugs also injure kidneys e.g. antibiotics, pain killers and antipsychotic drugs

Kidney Failure

• Kidney diseases lead to malfunctioning of kidneys
• In Kidney failure, kidneys do not perform their normal function
• As a result toxic substances like urea & creatinine accumulate in body and vital components like albumin leak out in the urine.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Stage GFR

I 90-130
II 60-90
III 30-60
IV 15-30
V/ESRD <15 - Dialysis Zone Signs and Symptoms of Kidney failure

• Pale and sallow complexion
• Fatigue
• Shortness of breath
• Body itch
• Poor appetite, sometimes with nausea / vomiting
• Swelling of the face and legs
• Frequent urination specially during nights
• Decrease in urine volume

Treatment of Kidney failure

1. Dialysis
2. Kidney Transplantation

Kidney Transplantation is best and most comprehensive solution for kidney failure but many patients may not be suitable for the same.

Goals of Dialysis

• Solute Clearance
– Diffusive transport (based on countercurrent flow of blood and dialysate)
– Convective transport (solvent drag with ultrafiltration)

• Fluid removal

Understanding Dialysis

• It’s a process of removing waste products and excess fluid when kidneys stop working
• Dialysis uses a membrance as a filter called dialyzer and a solution called dialysate to accomplish this

Dialysis is of two main types

• Hemodialysis

Uses as actual artificial kidney-Dialyser to clean the blood

• Peritoneal dialysis

Uses Peritoneum, the lining of the abdomen, as filter to clean the blood

What is Hemodialysis (HD)?

• The blood to be treated is pumped outside the body to a machine, (Dialyzer) that acts like artificial kidney
• Tiny pores in filter membrance filter out toxins while vital components such as proteins, are left in the blood
• Excess water is also removed during the process of cleaning
• After cleaning, the machine returns the clean blood back to body
• HD is usually carried out three times a week and average session lasts for 4 hours
• During the cleaning process, patients usually watch TV, read or talk to each other

Solute transport i different dialysis modalities

• Haemodialysis

– Diffusive transport of solutes
Relevant: – cut off of membrane
– Weight of solutes

• Haemofiltration

– Convective transport of solutes
Relevant: – cut off of membrance
– flow across membrane

• Haemodiafiltration

– Diffusive transport of small solutes
– Convective transport of large solutes

Getting Ready for HD

• Before HD treatment, patient would need a dialysis access to allow blood to flow between body and dialyzer
• There are various types of accesses used for HD
– Arterio – Venous fistula the joining of vein and artery just under the skin
– Arterio Venous Graft used when the patients blood vessels are too small for fistula connection
– Subclavian Cannula / internal jugular cannula is a soft plastic tube inserted into a vein under the collar bone or neck. It’s usually a temporary access for urgent dialysis.

Dialysis fluid in HD

• Also known as dialysate
• Fluid in the dialyzer that helps remove wastes and extra fluid
• Contains various chemicals depending on the status of the patient
• Dialysate is prepared according to the specific requirements of a patient

Amsa Renal Care
Unit No: 1001, Al Razi Medical Complex, Building no: 64, Block A, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: 04 277 9214

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