Apollo Hair – Hair Transplant & Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai UAE

Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Treatment & Replacement in Dubai UAE
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Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Treatment & Replacement in Dubai UAE

Hair Transplant in Dubai, Hair Loss Treatment & Replacement in Dubai UAE – Whatever your hair problems are, we have the solution. Apollo has been a leader in the hair replacement industry for close to forty years, and has been serving the needs of people with hair loss and related problems since 1993. We are an international hair restoration company that has developed some of the most advanced hair replacement technology that has become standard in the field. And our research and development team is continuing to develop new hair care treatments and technologies.

At present, we have over fifteen branches in the Middle East, including in key locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Khobar, and Jeddah, as well as in Lebanon and Kuwait. If you would like to learn more about how we can help resolve your hair problems, please feel free to contact the branch nearest to you to schedule a complimentary consultation or to learn more about the other healthcare services that a particular location may offer.

Our hair loss services include hair replacement for balding people that provide natural-looking hair that you can wear during sporting activities and sleep without anyone noticing, hair treatments to help you keep your remaining hair in the best shape while preventing your balding condition from getting worse, and hair transplants that will provide you with the most permanent solution for your hair loss.

Additional health care services are available in selected branches such as hand care services including hand spas, manicures and nail art; foot care to give clients clean and healthy feet through services such as foot spa and pedicures; massage therapy to help you de-stress and relax; body treatments to help reverse damage caused by aging including body lifting as well as anti-cellulite, anti-redness and anti-scarring treatments; and facial treatments to help preserve your youthful looks through treatments like crystal peels, collagen and caviar treatments and rejuvenation.

At Apollo, our main focus is to solve the consumer’s hair problems. We start by doing a consultation, or checking the customer’s current hair situation and what type of a change they’re looking for. Based on what we find, we will suggest the most suitable hair solution for that person. Please read on to learn more about the solutions offered or schedule a consultation to get as much detail as you’d like if you’re making a decision (even if it’s not with us!).


The focus of this service is to have people take care of the hair they currently have and to help prevent further balding. Depending on the person’s hair, we use a mix of several Apollo products to achieve further hair loss prevention and improve the health of the hair and scalp. Hair treatment isn’t very costly on a per session basis and is the most “natural” hair solution Apollo offers, however it is a solution that requires you to consistently apply the treatment to your head and therefore will become a regularly incurred cost with the customer needing to commit around 5 hours per month to treatment sessions. If you’re satisfied with the hair that you have, the ability to keep that hair and natural look is usually one that people are happy to commit time and money to (we have customers that have been coming in for 10+ years!).


Our most popular offering, Apollo’s hair replacement system has been very successfully used by people from all walks of life worldwide (it is very likely you know at least one person that uses Apollo – even if you don’t know about it!). With Apollo’s hair, you can swim, run marathons, and sleep with your hair, all without anyone noticing a difference in your hair. Hair replacement definitely gives the thickest hair and best look from all the options. It’s only real downsides are that it requires the customer’s commitment to come in monthly for hair maintenance (as if they had a barber) and that hair needs to be replaced after some time. However those that are committed to using the solution, will be very happy with the results.


The most permanent of the different hair replacement techniques. Hair transplant has become a popular alternative to hair replacement over the past few years, especially after FUE (follicular unit extraction) technology has entered the market. FUE is a procedure where the hair follicles are plucked out of spots in the patient’s head and are planted in the balding area. We perform this procedure in some of our branches, but all of our branches can inform you about it. The older FUG (follicular unit grafting) is also available in certain Apollo branches, however it leaves a visible scar on the patient’s head and is more invasive than FUE so we don’t recommend or perform FUG anymore unless the patient explicitly states that they prefer that surgery. Hair transplant is a great alternative for those who barely have any hair loss and are unlikely to further go hair loss or will supplement their surgery with preventative hair loss care (ex. Our hair treatment solution).

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