Basma Saimua Yoga Teacher Dubai

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Basma Saimua Yoga Teacher Dubai

Basma Saimua Yoga Teacher Dubai

Basma Saimua Yoga Teacher Dubai – From a young age I struggled with low energy, insomnia, anxiety and moodiness. After many years of trying the traditional route of seeing a variety of doctors, multiple tests, multiple diagnoses from hormonal imbalance to depression as well as being treated with all sorts of medication that just seemed to make things worse, I was fed-up.

Frustrated with my situation I decided it was time to look for an alternative method to dealing with my struggles. Taking things into my own hands I started researching and reading on the different solutions people used to combat the challenges that had made my life un-enjoyable!

My first discovery that resonated with me was meditation within the practice of Yoga. I started meditating at home in addition to joining a weekly Yoga class where I was introduced to asansa (postures) and breathing. In a couple of months my insomnia improved and anxiety lessened. I am forever grateful that I decided to explore the path of Yoga. This lead me to enrol in my first teacher training and since then I continued to further my studies.

Despite all the improvements to my body and mind there was still something missing. My energy was still low and I’d get bloated and feel uncomfortable whenever I ate. I continued my research and found that food and diet were the missing pieces! So I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a certified Health Coach. Changing my diet and learning how to nourish my body had a transformative impact on my overall energy levels and how I felt after eating. Today I feel better than I ever have.

Over the last seven years I learned that each person is unique and requires a tailored made approach when it comes to combining food, Yoga, friendships, connections and community.

One on one coaching

Working with a health coach is an opportunity for you to have guidance and support when transitioning into healthy lifestyle. You will get a complete roadmap to health. Through-out our time together I will ensure that you are aware and understand what we are working on and why so that you can continue to live a healthy lifestyle even after we’re done.

The internet is full of contradicting information on health such as claims that certain diets, like the Paleo diet or the Vegan diet, is ideal and is the “healthiest”. These claims are confusing and make wanting to be healthy difficult as you struggle to find the diet that best suits your body. Every article or book on health seems to pull in different directions.

Together we will move past the health fads and explore the foods and healthy habits that will truly work for you and allow you to thrive and be the healthiest you’ve ever been.

Once you start caring for yourself with nourishing foods and healthy habits a positive shift in other parts of your life will start to happen too!

What to expect:

A customised health plan that suits your life, schedule and food preferences. I’ll motivate and guide you through the process of reaching your goals using practical tools and information. Our sessions will be 50 minutes over Skype or phone call.

Why Practice Yoga?

Yes, you will get flexible, strong, and have better balance. The physical benefits of the practice are great and a lot of people get into Yoga for these specific benefits, and that’s ok. Others are immediately drawn to the spiritual part of the practice. Whatever the reason may be for your practice you will gain both physical and spiritual benefits.

Somewhere down the line for the ones entering the practice purely to gain physical benefits the reasons for practicing changes and they are drawn and want to explore the spiritual side. And once you’ve opened up to the spiritual side the asana practice itself becomes a medItation and holding a pose becomes a test of patience.

Yoga offers a roadmap to happiness. It is a philosophy that when followed has the potential to bring peace of mind! Through the practice of self awareness we can bring compassion and kindness to our actions and words.

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