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Birthmarks Treatment in Dubai UAE
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Birthmarks Treatment in Dubai UAE

Birthmarks Treatment in Dubai UAE – A birthmark is a splotch on the skin which is acquired at birth and can appear in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. While some birthmarks are small and relatively unnoticeable, others have a more prominent appearance can bother individuals and in some cases even lower their self esteem. Some birthmarks pose a health risk, others are harmless but are undesirable from a cosmetic perspective. While some birthmarks fade and completely disappear overtime, others are there to stay. Cosmetic surgical removal for birthmarks in Dubai offers a solution to people who are self conscious about their birthmarks and want to get rid of them.

Signs & Symptoms

There are various types of birthmarks and the signs and symptoms also vary depending on the type. Some common symptoms are:

– Marks on the skin that develop before or right after the birth
– Red lesions and skin rashes that become more noticeable during temperature changes or when infant cries

Birthmarks Causes

The exact cause of birthmarks is not known but most of the birthmarks may occur because of defective migration of cells during fatal development.

Treatment Options

The treatments options are:

Medications: Mostly birthmarks disappear without any treatment but if they don’t the first option that can be used for their removal is oral or topical medications. They are effective for reducing the size and lightening the color of birthmarks. Various types of medications are available and a dermatologist can suggest you the best one.

Steroids: In case oral medications do not work, corticosteroids can be used to speed up the process of shrinkage of birthmarks. This method is suitable in case location of marks is threatening for infant’s vision or other senses.

Surgical Removal: This method is used very rarely, only when no non-surgical method works. A birthmark that is either large or is found on an internal organ requires surgical removal. Excision technique is used for birthmark removal.

Laser Treatment: Laser treatment is also one of the options for birthmark removal. It is very effective treatment but requires multiple sessions for optimal results. It uses laser beams to reduce the size and lighten the color of birthmarks.

Birthmarks Treatment Procedure

Laser therapy for birthmarks is a short and simple procedure that requires 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the size, color and number of birthmarks to complete. The steps for the procedure are:

– Laser treatment for birthmarks is virtually painless and can be performed without numbing the treatment area. Numbing cream or local anesthetic may also be applied for those who are sensitive to pain.
– After numbing the treatment area, laser expert will move laser machine across the skin. Highly focused beams of light emitted by the device will reduce the size and fade the color of birthmarks.
– Laser removes the birthmarks by eliminating the blood vessels and decreasing the melanin that causes birthmarks.
– Afterwards, cold compresses may be applied to minimize the discomfort and burning sensation.

Post Treatment Care

Laser therapy for birthmarks requires no downtime and minimal recovery time. Your skin will be dark purple for about seven to ten days but will disappear soon after. You may also experience slight swelling and bruising after the treatment, but it will not be painful and will resolve in a couple of days. Some simple after care tips that you will need to follow after treatment are:

– Protect the treated area from sunlight during initial healing process.
– Cover the affected area with strong sunscreen when exposed to light.
– You may also need to cover the treated area with bandage.

Birthmarks Treatment Benefits

There are many different benefits of laser treatment for birthmarks. Some of them are:

– It is non-surgical treatment that requires no incisions and cuts.
– It is virtually painless procedure and requires no anesthetic.
– Minimal side effects are associated with it.

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Many people are born with birthmarks, which are generally defined as a visible mark on the skin that is unique to the individual and does not quickly go away. Birthmarks can take on a wide variety of coloring, shapes and sizes. Most birthmarks are small, not noticeable, or unlikely to show outside of clothing. However, others can take a more prominent appearance, and some can pose an eventual health risk. For these reasons, some people go to cosmetic surgeons for birthmark removal procedures.

There are three main types of birthmarks:

– Pigmentation birthmarks refer to the type of birthmark where the skin has too much coloring or pigment. This includes some moles, brownish or cream-colored spots, and “Mongolian spots” which usually fade away by age 8.

– Macular stains (often called salmon patches) are flat and usually light pink patches of skin often on the neck and eyelids. Sometimes these marks fade, particularly those on children’s eyelids, while many on the neck do not.

– Vascular malformations include one of the most common birthmarks, called port-wine stains, and can be found anywhere on the body. These birthmarks do not fade or go away and can be located in very visible areas such as the face.

Always make sure your or your child’s physician is aware of any of these types of birthmark, as well as any skin discoloration or abnormality in case they are signs of, or could lead to, more serious medical problems.

If you or your child has any of the above, you might be considering cosmetic birthmark removal surgery. Over the past few years, the technology in this area has advanced and become safer and more effective. For example, laser therapy can now be used to shrink or eliminate some birthmarks that are close to the surface, such as port-wine stains. You cosmetic surgeon can evaluate the type, size, and location of your birthmark and then recommend an appropriate type of treatment. There are more forms of treatment than can possibly be discussed here.

Many potential cosmetic surgery patients are concerned with risks and or pain associated with birthmark removal. There is no simple answer to these questions, as each surgery is as different as each birthmark. There is usually a limited amount of pain, such as a slight burning sensation with laser treatment for example. As far as risk, there is always the potential with any skin surgery of infection and scarring. If you are having the surgery for purely cosmetic reasons, you should definitely inquire about the risk for scarring as you would not want replace one blemish with another.

Any qualified cosmetic surgeon who does birthmark removal should be able to give you an estimate of the costs. Almost all HMOs do not cover the cost of birthmark removal that is done for cosmetic reasons. However, many cosmetic clinics do offer payment plans and discounts. The surgeon should also be able to give you a specific prediction of what that area of skin will look like after the procedure, how long the procedure will take, and what follow up will be necessary. As with most major purchases, you may want to get a few estimates, check references, and see actual results.

It will be important for you to share information regarding allergies and medical conditions you have with your cosmetic surgeon. Many people downplay these because they feel this surgery is not potentially harmful, or because they do not want to be turned down. Finding a qualified cosmetic surgeon, hearing enough so that the procedure and its risks and benefits are completely clear, and asking her or him every question you have, is a vital step toward possibly removing your birthmark.

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