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Body Lift in Jumeirah Dubai

Plastic surgery can play a very important part relative to massive weight loss. It is already well known that fat pads can be removed either by aesthetic or plastic surgery. More recently, surgeons have been exploring methods of plastic reconstruction after massive weight-loss, such as that obtained after digestive surgery. Bariatric surgeons should be aware that some of their patients will need heavy and painful reconstructive procedures.

Successful weight-loss can be associated with two types of side-effects:

1. No more fat but the skin is too loose: The tension and elasticity of the skin vary greatly from one person to another. A 25 kg weight-loss can be as troublesome as a 80 kg one, depending on the patient.The quality of the skin will also vary on different parts of the body. Many patients find the abdomen to be their major area of concern, although the arms, the interior side of the thighs, or breasts can be just as troublesome.

2. Fat is still present in certain areas: The operation can remove kilos that would otherwise have been very difficult to lose, even with the most effective procedure or a very strong diet. An abdominoplasty can, for example, remove 2 to 3 kg, a body lift 4 to 6 kg, a breast reduction 1 to 2 kg, and liposuction 3 to 4 kg.

The body parts that can be lifted:

• Abdomen:
Abdominoplasty is the most claimed operation (80%).

1. To remove excess fat tissue.
2. Remove excess skin above and beneath the umbilicus.
3. To repair over-distended muscles resulting from pregnancy or the pressure formerly exerted by body fat before weight loss.The scar resulting from the abdominoplasty is situated very low, just above the pubis, going up slightly on either side, and can be hidden in the swimsuit. The pubic hair is repositioned as normal.

An additional liposuction may also decrease the size of the “Venus mount”.

• Breasts:
The psychological role they play according to their shape is major, and any flaw in their shape or size can cause much distress. From of health point of view, they may cause lumbago if too heavy. Hence, the aim of surgery is to recreate a normal shape and volume.

• Inside part of the thighs:
This is one of the areas of the body where skin is the thinnest. As the patient loses weight, the skin shrinks, creating a distressing roll of fat, which in turn leads to functional and aesthetic problems (“it rubs”).Surgery is effective (1,5 kg of skin is removed from each thigh) and discreet because the scar can be hidden at the root of the thigh.

• Body lift:
A body lift is often performed in conjunction with liposuction of the fat on the buttocks.The body lift is a relatively heavy procedure because of the amount of skin removed (20 to 30 cm in height of skin around the body), the weight of the tissues (4 to 6 kg in an average, sometimes more), the length of the intervention (5 to 6 hours). Also the fact that the abdomen, buttocks, hips, and thighs are all lifted at the same time adds to the seriousness of this intervention. The recovery period is often marked by extreme fatigue but the result can be very spectacular. At CosmeSurge® we invite a team that specializes in body-lifts to perform this complex procedure.

• Arms:
The excess of fat and skin on the arms can be a problem with clothing. Lifting of the arms is therefore very sought. The operation itself is relatively straightforward, and the scar is hidden under the arm.

• Face:
Facial lift can decrease the ptosis of the skin on the face and the neck.The surgeon works on one side of the face, then the other, through small incisions made in the scalp, or in the natural creases around and at the back the ears. Incisions are designed to obtain the smallest possible scars.The aim is to give the face a firm and fresh contour.

CosmeSurge® is an industry leader in providing quality cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine including cosmetic liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, nose reshaping, obesity surgery, hair transplantation, dermatology and laser hair removal, dentistry, and weight management services. We have a large team of doctors who are specialists within these areas.

CosmeSurge® Head quarters – Dubai, U.A.E
Jumeirah Beach Road, next to Emirates Hospital, opposite Dubai Ladies club
P.O. Box 71860, Dubai U.A.E
Tel.: +971 4 344 5915
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