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Botox Injection in Dubai

BOTOX (Botulinum Toxin) is the solution that is used to reduce wrinkles. BOTOX is not a filler, but is a substance that relaxes the mimetic muscles, which causes wrinkles to be less visible.
Originally, BOTOX was used by physicians in Opthalmology and Neurology to relax spastic muscles. But since the 90’s, BOTOX is widely used for cosmetic purposes. The substance was instantly popular among top models who want to stay unwrinkled for their work. But by now, many people choose BOTOX.


BOTOX works for men and women who use their mimetic muscles a lot. Few wrinkles will be visible when the face is relaxed, however just during talking or intently listening deep wrinkles in the forehead and between the eye brows will be visible.

BOTOX works for small wrinkles (crow’s feet) next to the eyes. BOTOX can fade wrinkles on the forehead, frown wrinkles and crow’s feet or completely make them disappear. BOTOX is directly injected in the muscle and the effect is visible after a few days, will be optimal after a week and will stop working after four to five months. Repetitively using BOTOX will make the effect stay longer.

Another problem that easily can be fixed using BOTOX is hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). By injecting the substance under the skin under the arms, the production of sweat can be reduced for a period of up to six months.


Initial consultation with the Specialist
During the initial consultation with your specialist at OCP, you will discuss everything related to the procedure: which method will be used, expectations of the result, possible risks and aftercare. The specialist will also take pictures for your medical file, which is securely stored.
Of course you will discuss your needs and expectations with the specialist. What is bothering you about your face and how would you like to see it differently? The specialist will choose which options are best for you, based on you personal preferences.
Sometimes it is not enough just to fade some wrinkles, but would it better to also add some volume to certain areas. At OCP you can expect an extensive, open and honest advice, so you know exactly what to expect.

If you choose to undergo the treatment, you will sign the treatment agreement. There are pictures taken of your face, this way we can see the results of the treatment afterwards.

During the treatment, minuscule drops of BOTOX are injected in the muscle. The skin can turn red and lightly swell after the treatment for one to two hours. The substance causes the stimuli transfer of the nerves to stagnate, which makes the muscles go numb.

After the treatment, which takes five to ten minutes, you can go home immediately. When BOTOX is used more often, the effects will remain for a prolonged period. On average up to six months.

It is not necessary to use anesthesia when injecting BOTOX. The needle used for this is very thin and only gives the feeling of a pinprick.


In general there are no complications when using BOTOX. Allergic reactions do not appear because of the low dosage used. In very exceptional cases, BOTOX can have a strange effect for a short period of time. This may happen in some cases when the horizontal wrinkle above the eye brow is injected; a ‘hanging’ eyelid is the result. This effect does not stay for long though.

Your specialist at OCP will also carefully decide which wrinkles qualify for a BOTOX treatment. People who have a nerve or muscle condition, as well as pregnant women are not treated. This is done as a precaution. Approximately 1 to 2 % of the people have antibodies against BOTOX. On them the treatment will have no or insufficient effect.


The result is that the skin does not show wrinkles and they can not develop also. Therefore, BOTOX is also used preventively in young adults. Especially frown wrinkles, wrinkles in the forehead and crow’s feet can be treated well.

The duration of the result differs per person. After three to six months the substance loses its effects and the treatment can be repeated without any problems. Other parts of the face, like lips and cheeks are not suitable to be injected with BOTOX.

Sometimes, BOTOX is also used to reduced the longitudinal creases in the neck. The results when doing this vary. BOTOX is increasingly used to reduce hyperhidrosis.

At OCP, we believe that the true power behind any medical facility are its people. We always think from the patient’s perspective before thinking about us. We believe this makes us different.

Safety and Efficiency

We focus to offer you the safest, most advanced treatments suitable to your requirements. Our medical team consists of highly experienced specialists, nurses and therapists, who all aim for one thing: safely achieving the best possible results for you.

Comforting environment

The clinic of OCP is designed from a patient’s perspective, offering a safe and relaxing environment.
Located at The Fairmont Hotel Dubai, OCP is easily accessible and provides for private surroundings.

Latest techniques

Specialists at OCP are dedicated to offer world-class care. Keeping up to date with the latest techniques as well as investing in new medical equipment are part of our continuous efforts to improve our medical services.

OCP Medical Center Dubai

The Fairmont Dubai, Office 620-621, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel.: +971 (0)4-3519933

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