Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai

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Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai

Cosmetic surgery procedures for enhancing the buttocks appearance have become significantly popular worldwide in past few years. Buttock augmentation surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can improve your buttocks by making them firmer, bigger and well-contoured. It is an ideal option for those individuals who have naturally small buttocks or have lost volume and shape because of significant weight loss.

Buttock Augmentation Candidates

Buttock augmentation surgery may be an ideal option for you if:

– Your butts are very small compared to your body frame.
– Your buttocks are too flat and they don’t have proper round shape.
– Natural aging process or significant weight loss have made your buttocks lose their shape and volume.
– Your weight is stable and you are committed to healthy lifestyle and diet regimen.
– You are non-smoker.
– You are physically healthy and you are not suffering from any severe health condition.
– You have realistic expectations with the results of surgery.

Buttock Augmentation Goals

The goal of buttock augmentation surgery is improving the size as well as shape of your buttocks. It is performed to bring following improvements:

– Increasing the projection and roundness of buttocks
– Making your buttocks tighter, smoother and shapelier
– Improving the body contours by making your butts balanced with your body frame

Buttock Augmentation Techniques

Butt augmentation surgery is also divided into two different types of procedures these procedures are:

Buttock implant surgery: This procedure involves placement of implants in the buttocks to improve their volume and contour.
Brazilian butt lift surgery: It is the procedure in which fat is taken from some other area of body through liposuction and is injected in the buttocks.

Pre-op Prepration

During the pre-op visit, our plastic surgeon will guide you about the procedure, conduct a physical exam and explain the options. He will also give you some pre-surgical instructions to follow. Some of the common instructions are:

– Avoid smoking to promote better healing.
– Avoid taking aspirin, blood thinning and anti-inflammatory medications and herbal medications.
– Avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption.
– Make adjustments in your current medications and take prescribed medications regularly.
– Follow the recommended diet regimen.

Buttock Augmentation Procedure

Buttock augmentation surgery is performed on outpatient basis. They are explained below.

– Firstly, general anesthesia will be administered.
– Then the surgeon will make incisions. They can be made in the natural buttock crease or on the top of both sides of buttocks.
– Then pockets will be made in the buttocks below gluteal muscles and implants are placed in these pockets.
– Finally, incisions are closed with sutures.

Buttock Augmentation Benefits

Both the types of buttock augmentation procedures are very effective and beneficial and have many benefits. Some of the benefits of surgery are:

– It makes your buttocks area shapelier and rounder.
– It also improves the curves of your waist and thighs.
– It improves your silhouette and makes your body curvaceous.
– Brazilian buttock lift uses your own body fat and therefore, there is no risk of any infection.
– It requires less time for recovery and causes less discomfort and scarring.
– Liposuction from surrounding areas improves your figure.
– It boosts your confidence and improves quality of your life.

Buttock Augmentation Recovery

Recovery period after buttock augmentation is different for every patient depending on the type and extent of procedure. Your buttock augmentation recovery can be like:

– The recovery period for buttock augmentation surgery is relatively longer as buttock area is used for physical activities like walking and even standing.
– For the first few days of recovery after buttock augmentation surgery, you will have more discomfort and pain.
– For the first 24 hours after surgery, you will be instructed to remain in bed but move your hands and feet to improve blood circulation.
– Swelling and bruising will take several days to a few weeks to resolve completely.
– You will be able to return to your work after about two weeks.

Post-op Care

Post-operative care is the key for quick and smooth recovery. Our plastic surgeon will provide you with thorough list of post-surgical instructions. Some tips that are important to follow for every patient are:

– Avoid any pressure on your buttocks and lie on your stomach for about two weeks.
– Wear compression garment for about two weeks to alleviate swelling.
– Take complete bed rest for the first day but start walking the next day.
– Avoid sitting for longer period of time.
– Use the prescriptions drugs as per advise of the doctor.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is a multi-speciality, inter-professional practice with a network of world class clinics in UAE, United States and Europe. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we are dedicated to providing individualized care and service to each of our patients. We are a team of committed educators; our aim is to educate our patients about the best possible choice of care as it pertains to their individual need thus allowing our patients to make an informed decision. Our team vows to stay at the forefront of technological advances and provide the latest techniques and methods available in the world to our patients. Above all, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of safety and quality throughout our practice.

Not every woman is blessed by mother nature with a slim, toned body and a voluptuous derriere. You can achieve that toned and taut body through balanced diet and regular exercise, but for a svelte behind you need to undergo the knife of the plastic surgeons.

Women who want to have bigger, rounded derriere or enlarged hips can consider Brazilian butt lift surgery.

What is Brazilian Butt Lift?
The Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure which uses patient’s own body fat to add volume to the buttocks. The procedure results in a youthful, perky and rounder rear end and a more contoured body profile. This type of butt lift is not to be confused with a butt lift surgery which is designed to create a fuller, curvier buttocks and hips using buttock implants.

Procedural Overview
This butt enhancement procedure involves taking fat from different parts of your body, purifying it and then transferring it back to your butts in a process called lipoinjection.

For the procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will want to harvest fat typically from any area of the body, usually the stomach, flanks, thighs or hips, where they find enough fat to deal with for the butt augmentation. In fact, only about half of the harvested fat is suitable for reinjection. The fat harvested from donor sites is injected throughout the buttocks evenly to create a more curvaceous lower body profile.

The process of re-injecting the selected donor fat cells into your buttocks involves hundreds of injections. As opposed to conventional butt lift surgery which involves incisions and implants to make the butts appear lifted and perky, this unique procedure is designed to fill the upper quadrant of your buttocks using your own purified fat cells.

Brazilian butt lift is performed under general anesthesia and lasts about two hours.

Who May and May Not Benefit From Brazilian Butt Lift
To be a good candidate for Brazilian butt lift, you must have adequate amount of fat somewhere on your body that can be removed and transferred to your buttocks. Women who are too thin and lack enough donor fat to remove via liposuction for reuse cannot undertake this procedure. Those who take certain drugs or herbal products that increase bleeding time are not reasonable candidates for this type of butt lift. Brazilian butt lift candidates must have realistic goals and expectations. Most importantly, the patients seeking this procedure must be in good health and have good skin tone in the areas that are to have liposuction.

The great thing about the fat transfer butt lift procedure is that it does not require opening a slit into the skin and inserting a foreign object (implant). The only thing being introduced to the body is your own body fat. The threat of infection is minimal, since the procedure is done without actual incisions.

Because it is your own fat cells being transferred from one are of your body to another, it eliminates the possibility of allergic reaction and risk of the injected cells being rejected by your body. Your body will accept its own fat without risks and complications.

Another benefit of this procedure is that it can be done in conjunction with other liposuction treatments. It provides additional body sculpting. For example, you can get rid of the excess flab you have accumulated on your other parts of the body like thighs and love handles while at the same time enhancing your buttocks.

As long as the fat is transferred appropriately, your backside appears more lifted and more attractive. If performed by a plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience with this technique, the procedure may last 20 years or more.

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