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Cool Aroma Gentlemen's Spa
Cool Aroma Gentlemen's SpaCool Aroma Gentlemen's SpaCool Aroma Gentlemen's SpaCool Aroma Gentlemen's Spa


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Cool Aroma Gentlemen’s Spa provides top facility in Dubai for men’s personal care and body relaxation using experienced, qualified Oriental therapist.
The Best Massage for Chronic Aches & Pains by Cool Aroma Gentlemen’s Spa.

Stiff neck, tight leg muscles, lower back pain and sore shoulders – if that sounds like you, you’re probably in need of a Deep Tissue Massage.
Known as the massage therapy that relieves chronic aches and pains, it’s not just relaxing but has therapeutic benefits too.
What is a Deep Tissue Massage?
Deep Tissue Massage focuses on realigning deeper muscle layers and connective tissue, which is why it works great for chronic aches, and contracted areas like stiff necks & sore shoulders.
How it Works
During a chronic muscle tension or injury, adhesions (bands of aching, rigid tissue) form in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Adhesions tend to block blood circulation to the muscle area, which results in pain, restricted movement, and inflammation.

A deep tissue massage breaks down these adhesions to allow improved circulation. When the circulation happens smoothly, pain is relieved and normal movement is restored.
During a deep tissue massage, the therapist makes use of massage oil and applies direct deep pressure on the body.

A massage therapist will use fingertips, hands, elbows, knuckles and forearms while giving you the deep tissue massage. Heavy breathing might be required from your end while the therapist focuses on tense muscle areas.

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Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage generally focuses on a precise problem, like chronic muscle pain.
However, it can be beneficial in the following ways too:

1. Improved blood pressure: Deep tissue massage eases stress and tension in the muscles that has positive impact on blood pressure.

2. Improved mental health: This massage type helps in increasing body’s production of serotonin―a hormone that encourages pleasure and good feelings.

3. Break up of scar tissue: With time, this massage therapy helps in breaking up and erasing scar tissue (the root cause of ongoing pain and stiffness in body) in the body. It is done by enhancing lymphatic circulation which improves flexibility and motion range in affected area.

4. Relief to injured muscles: It can be one effectual cure for wounded muscles. This is primarily because deep tissue massage facilitates toxins movements from muscles and aids stretch tight or twisted muscle mass. As this massage type relaxes muscles, it reduces pain caused due to injuries.

5. Stress relief: For people suffering from chronic stress, and its side effects as tension headaches, inflexible shoulders and tight muscles, deep tissue massage is the right choice. A deep tissue massage session will ensure that you get relieved of this stress once the session is over.
Every session of a deep tissue massage will rejuvenate your body muscles and help you deal with your everyday challenges equitably.

Book your Deep Tissue Massage – for An Appointment please contact:
Cool Aroma Gentlemen’s Spa

Tel: +97143709706
Location: Shop 14, Al Nasr Plaza, Oud Metha Dubai
Opens 10am to midnight (everyday)

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