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Camali Clinic

Unit 102 B, First Floor
Block A, Ibn Sina Building no. 27
Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +97142766064

Depression Treatment

Most people, children as well as adults, feel low or ‘blue’ occasionally. Feeling sad is a normal reaction to experiences that are stressful or upsetting. However, when these feelings go on and on, take over your usual self and interfere with your whole life, it can become an illness. This illness is called ‘depression’. Around 1 in 10 people will experience clinical depression in their lifetime but the vast amount of these sufferers will not receive treatment, either due to limited understanding that they may have depression or due to the stigma of being labelled with such a condition. The difference with depression is that those feelings persist and have no signs of going away on their own. If those feelings continue over the course of a few months then it is worth seeking professional support for this, reminding yourself that it is not a sign of weakness, just that circumstances may have become so overwhelming that resolving them on your own seems like too much of a mountain to climb.

Depression symptoms
The symptoms of depression, remembering that they should persist for a significant period of time, vary across age ranges but key signs to look out for in young people would be;
– low mood,
– social isolation or withdrawn behaviour,
– lack of engagement with social activities,
– disturbances in their sleeping and eating,
– tearfulness,
– negative thoughts,
– lack of motivation,
– loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed,
– lack of positivity about the future.
Some young people may also feel helpless or hopeless or may even have suicidal thoughts or possibly may be engaging in self-harming behaviour.

Treatment and management of depression
There is a very large evidence base that reflects the efficacy of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for the treatment of depression (NICE, UK) and that there certainly is help out there to reduce these symptoms and get you back onto the road of recovery.

CBT is a structured talking therapy that helps people to adjust their thinking styles and behaviour, altering the way they think about themselves, their life and their future, so that they feel like they are back to their normal selves. The evidence for CBT treatment depicts that there are some very useful strategies to improve your mood and reduce your symptoms. In CBT this is called Behavioural Activation (BA).

BA is about supporting someone to keep busy, distract themselves through activities and make sure that they are filling their time with more positive things. Not only does this help to stop those negative and intrusive thoughts from ruminating around your mind, but also helps you to engage with others and interact.

The research shows that many people with low mood or depression will prefer to spend time on their own. Evidence shows that this is something that may maintain your depression, as changing that negative cycle of thoughts and behaviours is crucial to reducing your symptoms. So, spend less time on your own, get out of the house, engage in social activities, do some of the things you used to enjoy doing, exercise and plan some breathing exercises for when you are ready to go to sleep (most people with depression will encounter disturbed sleeping habits) and speak to a family member or close friend about how you’re feeling.

Camali Clinic

Unit 102 B, First Floor
Block A, Ibn Sina Building no. 27
Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +97142766064

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