Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic in Dubai Health Care City

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Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic in Dubai Health Care City

Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic (DISC) is one of the leading sports clinics in Dubai. It was developed by a team of specialists hoping to provide the Dubai community with access to state-of-the-art preventative and palliative health care. Our goal is to house different providers under one roof so that the patients in Dubai and the UAE have access to varying treatment options to suit their condition and comfort levels. We have a core focus on all types of back treatment and we believe that the power of an integrated team in medical therapy is much more beneficial to the patient who will receive a more comprehensive evaluation of their health. We also hope to provide our patients in Dubai with treatment options that include pain management in holistic and rehabilitative forms such as; chiropractic, myofascial release and physiotherapy. We try to avoid surgical treatment whenever possible for a quicker and more sustainable recovery, and then educate the patient on long-term solutions for prevention. Our patients vary from young to old, athlete to pregnant female in our wide scope of practice.


Chiropractic is the use of manual therapy with orthopedic, neurologic and movement-based assessment to diagnose and treat biomechanical pain.

We use a variety of skills to evaluate the patient’s complaint and set up a treatment plan which includes pain management and prevention.

At Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic, we work within an integrated team environment, and once the patient is evaluated and assessed, the treatment plan usually involves manual therapy such as spine and extremity mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue therapy such as massage, active release techniques, dry needling, cupping, fascial taping and then rehabilitation of the body using movement and exercise based techniques. This involves co-management with the physiotherapists, sports therapists, massage therapists, strength and conditioning or movement coach. We also work with a great network of medical doctors such as orthopedists, neurologists, obstetricians and sports medicine practitioners to manage cases that fall beyond our scope.

As a consequence, we both manage pain and prevent future onset of pain, by educating the patient about correct movement habits, ergonomics and physical structure changes.

Our chiropractors use a variety of manual techniques to suit the patient’s needs and tolerance levels and are skilled in adjunct therapies such as Graston technique, Sacro-occipital blocking, acupuncture, flexion traction for disc herniation as well as physiotherapy modalities. We treat conditions ranging from back pain, headaches, migraines, joint pain, sprains and strains, sports overuse or overtraining injuries, postural dysfunction, pregnancy pain, sciatica and much more!

Myofascial Release/Massage Therapy

Our therapists apply a form of massage medically known as myofascial release. We approach pain by analyzing bone structure, joint function, muscle movement and connective tissue structure. Our massage techniques range from lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and flushing for recovery, sports and performance massage, active release technique, trigger point therapy, pregnancy massage and many more.

Usually, a patient is assessed before deciding which type of treatment is more efficient and in conjunction with other therapies, a medical massage is extremely efficient in pain management and prevention. Many of our patients seek regular treatments to improve quality of life and performance in a sport.

Most doctors and therapists underestimate and overlook the importance of connective tissue health and prescribe medication to mask the symptoms of pain. Manual therapy has been proven with evidence based research to be more effective in the short and long term for bio-mechanical change, trumping any machine or device.

Ask your therapist about the type of massage therapy you can use for your condition.

Physiotherapy / Sports Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy is a holistic treatment approach that helps patients recover from an injury, prevents dysfunction, and improves function and movement patterns, overall aiming to achieve movement for life!

Our therapists are experts in movement and can help you reach your highest level of functioning by performing comprehensive assessments through 3D movement and gait analysis, functional movements, sports-specific and fitness level assessment to best diagnose a patient’s problem and come up with a treatment plan.

Unlike the common physiotherapy practice of relying on machines and modalities which are only used for temporary pain relief, our physiotherapists use hands-on skills such as joint mobilization/manipulations to re-align the spine, soft tissue therapy to reduce stiffness and muscle spasm and improve movement patterns, dry needling to stimulate muscles and release trigger points, strength training and conditioning to maintain and achieve higher level of fitness as well as many other techniques to help our patients reach theirs goals and treatment outcomes.

Some of the common conditions we treat include:

– Chronic conditions such as neck or back pain
– Sports injuries such as ankle sprains, or muscle strain/tear
– Post-operative conditions such as ligament reconstructions, fractures, disc
– Ageing disorders such as osteoarthritis, degenerative discs
– Movement disorders
– Neurological conditions
– Women’s health

Functional Movement System

The Functional Movement System (FMS) is an evidence-based exercise philosophy developed by Gray Cook, one of the world’s most respected injury-prevention specialists. According to Cook, the primary cause of athletic injuries is neither weakness nor tightness, but rather muscle imbalance.

There is a need to appraise “human movement” with a proven system to precede physical training and performance. Without a quality appraisal and determination of whether baseline movement is acceptable and symmetrical, there is risk for injury.

The Functional Movement System (FMS) is the appraisal system. It is essentially a quick and easy way to screen fundamental movement before you train them. If you train with a baseline of a poor quality of movement, the risk for injury is significantly increased. If, however, you correct baseline movement in a methodical corrective exercise strategy prior to advancing performance training, the risk of injury is significantly reduced.

So what is the Functional Movement System ? It’s a set of seven fundamental movement patterns that can be evaluated to identify movement limitations and left/right muscle asymmetries. It’s a trouble-detection system to prevent injuries before they happen, or identify movements that can be train while rehabilitating an existing injury.

There is a saying that “something is only as strong as its weakest link.” The FMS strives to identify the weak link and correct it. The FMS looks at fundamental movement patterns, which are the foundation for fitness and performance.

What are the benefits of a Functional Movement System?

– Injury Prevention
– Pain Identification
– Systematic Approach to rehabilitation and training
– It’s A Corrective Exercise System.

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