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Dr. Anand Shenoy Dental Clinic in Al Satwa Dubai

Dr. Anand Shenoy Dental Clinic in Al Satwa Dubai – We are a Multispeciality dental clinic based in Dubai for over 14 years our dental practice has thrived on providing quality dental treatment at reasonable prices. Patients are treated in a luxurious, relaxed atmosphere with state of the art equipment available in dentistry. Our cozy practice gives the patient a more personal feeling during their visit. We try to give particular solutions to dental problems with options to give smiles that people dream of.


Relaxing, aesthetic, comfortable (dust free air-conditioned) environment of the Clinic helps the patient to regain his/her confidence & overcome the apprehensions. Plush interiors, nice soothing music and the most hospitable staff make it more comfortable for the patient.

We have an reception area which is quiet and peaceful. We have a computer station and wi-fi access for parents so they can use their time efficiently when they bring their children in for dental care. Yet by far, the most popular form of pampering in our reception area, is our massage chair! It’s an amazing way to unwind and get rid of your daily stress prior to your appointment—many patients even come in a half-hour early just to take advantage of this one special way we express our commitment to our patient’s comfort. This was for the adults, but what about the kids?

A game zone! Yes u read it right a game zone. In a dental clinic!

That’s so the kids can have recreation while the adults can have relaxation. The kids can have fun, while our adult patients can have peace and quiet. The adults certainly prefer it that way, and as for the kids? Well, the kids don’t want to leave. They LOVE coming to see us.


Mental Needs

In this age of easy access to information, we realise that our patients are highly educated about different dental options, including new advances in materials and equipment.

This means that today’s dental patients have many more questions than in days gone by. We further realise that today’s patients want answers, and in a language that makes sense to them.

Our goal at the Dr. Anand Shenoy’s Dental Clinic is to provide these answers in terms our patients will understand. We endeavour not to speak in what is essentially a foreign language to our patients, namely, dental-ese. In fact, we encourage our patients to hold us accountable as one the preferred dental clinics in Dubai and if we do not speak in a language that is easy to understand, or if we do not answer their questions to their full satisfaction.

Knowledge is power, and we want to empower our patients with whatever information they require to make intelligent, informed decisions about their dental health care needs. When our patients are more knowledgeable, they are more at ease.

Emotional Needs

Each member of the Dr. Anand Shenoy’s Dental Clinic staff is focused and committed to addressing any anxieties and specific concerns our patients may have.

We realise that many of our patients have trepidations about “a trip to the dentist”. We also realise that most of this trepidation is rooted in memories from past dental experiences.

At the Dr. Anand Shenoy’s Dental Clinic we take the time to interview every one of our new patients to determine what, if any, past experiences might contribute to present-day anxieties about dental treatment. Then we do our very best to avoid, eliminate or overcome whatever things from our patients’ past which have contributed to any lingering sense of anxiety or fear.

Spiritual Needs

We also realise that patients are looking for doctors and medical support staff that they can trust. In dental school, this was called “building a bond of faith and trust” and we realise that this bond of faith and trust is not something we should just expect our patients to hand over to us; it’s something we must earn.

We create a bond of faith and trust by building relationships with our patients. You can’t measure faith by placing electrodes on a patient’s forehead and reading a measurement off some electronic gizmo just as you can’t measure trust from a blood test or other clinical vital signs. Faith, by nature, resides in the spiritual component of our psyche, so we strive to create a spirit of comfort and ease by looking after our patients holistically.

To help us build this bond of faith and trust, we need to hear about our patients’ concerns. We call this “Actively Seeking Rejection”. We proactively and continually interview our patients to ensure we’re meeting their needs as comprehensively as possible. Furthermore, we actually invite our patients to provide constructive criticism, because we believe that being open to hearing how we can improve is the only way we’re going to improve.

Our entire team at the Dr. Anand Shenoy’s Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing a level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual care that will ensure that every visit is a positive experience in a warm, friendly, and relaxing environment. We ask you to hold us accountable for achieving our Mission Statement, just as we hold each other accountable.


Restorative Dentistry

Dental health can be restored by filling you teeth. Gold, tooth-colored plastic material or silver amalgams are material used to fill your teeth.

A tooth-shaped cap known as crown is used to restore the size and shape of the teeth.

Dentists place this crown over your teeth so that appearance and strength of the teeth is good.

The gap between two teeth can be filled with bridge. Bridges are false teeth which are cemented properly in the gaps of two teeth.

To implant means to replace the tooth roots. These implants are made of metals which are placed in places where teeth are absent. A replacement tooth called crown is used to cover
these teeth.

Missing teeth and surrounding tissues can be replaced by dentures. Acrylic resins with metal attachments combine to form dentures. Partial dentures are done when few natural teeth are retained with the help of metal clasps and complete dentures means replacing all teeth.

Endodontics / Root Canal

Tooth decay is an infectious disease and no one is spared. When the decay reaches the nerve we experience dental pain. Toothache is one of the worst kinds of pain that anyone could experience. The only way to get rid of the pain and retain the tooth is by doing a Root Canal Treatment

Is it painful?
We are committed to you having a pain-free dental experience. Is it always possible? Not always, but almost always. That’s our goal at the Dr. Anand Shenoy’s Dental Clinic ! We have been told by patients that the doctor’s needles are amazing and that when an appointment is over, they couldn’t believe it was as painless as it was—even when it’s a root canal! With innovative techniques of modern day dentistry, root canals can be almost pain free.

Single visit root canals;
A lot of root canals can be done in just a single visit with cutting edge Principles of Rotary Endodontics in Dubai we can completely finish the whole root canal in selected cases within one visit itself .

Once the root canal treatment is completed we can also provide cosmetic fibre-reinforced posts and white fillings, then follow-up with all-porcelain cosmetic crowns to prevent future tooth fractures.

Our team of doctors is highly skilled with the use of “Rotary Endodontics” which is a very effective and fast way of doing root canals.


Dentist in Dubai who are gentle and caring with a child is a dentist who will be gentle and caring with an adult. Our mission is to achieve both goals. If a family dental practice takes the effort to have a game zone to cater to kids, then that’s probably a pretty good sign that the dental staff will be focused on making any dental treatment a fun experience.

Our greatest source of referrals come from mothers speaking to mothers, telling them how we go to great lengths to “connect” with their children. You would be surprised when you see the lengths we’ve gone to in order to engage our younger patients.

Teeth Whitening Dubai

Everyone loves to have bright white teeth that just make them feel great and positive about their appearance. The Dr. Anand Shenoy’s Dental Clinic offers several options for tooth whitening to brighten your smile. We offer the one hour in-office ZOOM laser bleaching treatments and customised take home systems.

We recommend a combination of “In office whitening” and “home whitening” to achieve best results.

In office whitening:
Bleaching gel is applied to your teeth which are activated by this special light. The procedure lasts for approximately 45 minutes. You can listen to music or take a nap in our comfortable dental chairs and let the whitening gel with plasma lazer do its job to give you a radiant and dazzling smile.

Home whitening:
While you are undergoing the in office whitening, our technicians fabricate customised trays for you. Application of a little whitening gel in the trays and wearing them in the comfort of your home will enhance the effects of the whitening treatment. We recommend 1 hour twice a day for 2 weeks. Sensitivity will be kept under control with desensitising gels and mouthwash. Modern day bleaching gels hardly cause any enamel damage unlike before.

Moreover, you can use the same trays to do a little touch –up at home after 3-6 months to retain the whiteness.

Orthodontics for Children

Braces have many uses—correcting crowded or overlapping teeth, for example, or closing gaps. Braces can close gaps by applying pressure on the teeth to move closer together. Patients can choose from metal, plastic or ceramic brackets. These brackets will be glued to the teeth and will hold the wire that places tension on the teeth in place. Note that plastic and ceramic brackets are much less conspicuous in appearance. For an even more natural look, the patient can wear lingual braces, where the brackets are glued to the back of the teeth.

The duration of the orthodontic treatment in Dubai depends on the severity of the condition. Typically, a patient wears braces for up to two years. Once the braces are removed, a removable retainer holds the newly shifted teeth in place for the first few months after treatment.

Damon braces
We all want everything faster. But in orthodontics it always takes time. So we have a system called damon system. This system can straighten your teeth faster, with fewer appointments, and without extractions or expanders depending on the case.

What is the Damon System and is it better than regular braces?
Damon brackets are a type of bracket known as self-ligating. To “ligate” means to bind or tie. With conventional braces, the wires are held in place by ligatures or o-rings that secure them to the brackets (which are the metal pieces attached to the teeth). With self-ligating braces, part of the bracket itself holds the wire in place without the need for o-rings or steel ties. Some brackets have doors or “slides.” Others have clips.

Damon brackets won’t cause pain as they move your teeth, you won’t need to have an expander or have permanent teeth removed, you won’t need headgear or rubber bands to fix your overbite, and that your treatment will be much shorter than with regular braces.

If your teeth are being moved, they are going to get sore. In order for orthodontic movement to take place, there must be pressure applied by a wire, elastic, or some other source. Pressure creates inflammation in the tissues around the teeth and that’s what makes you sore. If your teeth aren’t getting sore, they aren’t moving.

So why do we use the Damon System ?
First, the look of the bracket. It is small, smooth, and comfortable. Second, that it provides consistent results no matter what. Third, elastic hooks can be added or taken away at any time during treatment which makes it more comfortable and makes it easier to brush and take care of your teeth. Fourth, we can eliminate a few appointments during your treatment because the wires can continue moving teeth for a few extra weeks between visits.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is comprehensive oral care that combines the art and science to optimally improve dental health, aesthetics and function.

A good smile is a gateway to good health:
Research has proved that a healthy mouth is essential for overall health and well being of an individual. There is a direct connection between health of your teeth and gums and your general health. At Dr. Anand Shenoy’s Dental Clinic we not only think about the cosmetic value of your smile but also the health benefits associated with it.
“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”
~ Mother Theresa ~

Lumineers are thin porcelain veneers applied to cover dental imperfections. A novel quality of Lumineers compared to other veneers is that they do not require the teeth to be ground or shaved before application.
Lumineers are unique in that they are ultra-thin (approximately 0.2 mm) and highly translucent, allowing them to replicate the natural appearance of enamel. While tradi-tional veneers are much thicker, requiring the grinding down of your original tooth structure, Lumineers are so thin that little to no tooth reduction is necessary. Rest assured, the Lumineers dubai procedure is a completely pain-free way to reshape and permanently whiten your teeth. We at our clinic perform this procedure regularly with fantastic results which many clinics don’t even try to attempt because of lack of experience of the knowledge.

Gum Treatments

GUM DISEASE is one of the reason for losing the teeth, poor oral hygiene is the important cause for gingival and periodontal disease. Plaque when calcified is known as calculus sticks to the teeth and is not removed by simple tooth brushing calculus can be only removed by scaling which is done at our clinic with an ultrasonic instrument which removes this calculus however scaling helps to improve the health of your gums with out any harm to your teeth apart from this, scaling also removes any kind of stains that are present on the tooth surface.

Gum depigmentation (aka gum bleaching) is a procedure used in cosmetic dentistry to remove black spots or patches on the gums caused by excessive melanin.

The normal color of the gum tissue (gingiva) is pink, but excess deposits of melanin (melanin gingival hyper pigmentation) can create what seem to be black spots or patches on the gums, creating an aesthetic or cosmetic problem. Discoloration may also be caused by long term use of certain medications.

A clinical assessment is carried out to customise the treatment to the patients needs, and the procedure itself involves minor surgical procedure removing a thin layer of epidermis containing cell pigments. This procedure is relatively painless with a quick recovery period of 24 hrs.

Polishing and bleaching are also done to improve your smile aesthetically. gingival surgery such as gingivectomy are also done as extended periodontal procedures.

Orthodontist in Dubai

Straight teeth and a perfect smile is what it takes to be charming. This charm extends from teenagers to adults. People, especially adults, who do not possess perfectly aligned teeth, may fear to come out during celebrations or huge gatherings. They may remain introverts and feel ashamed to express any views. To help these people out, adult braces have been introduced. Though before, the braces were in metal and easily visible but with new and modern technological developments, invisible braces have been put in place. These fit perfectly well with adults who work in marketing companies or have jobs that require public interaction. Some of these braces are briefly discussed below:

Metal braces: They are basically the conventional form of braces and are cost efficient. The individual brackets are cling to the tooth, and are set in place by using ultraviolet light. Each bracket is attached to the wire, and is frequently adjusted so as to generate movement for the teeth.

Clear braces: As the name suggests, these braces are hardly visible because of the camouflage provided with the teeth. The glue that is used to stick these is teeth colored and the brackets used are small than the metal braces. This is a fixed orthodontic device and needs care by proper changing of wires after a month or so.

Lingual braces: These braces are perfectly out of sight. These are placed behind the teeth and way from the viewer’s eye. These are the best way to treat irregular teeth in adults. But the biggest problem here is that these braces, being fixed, are hard to clean if some food item is stuck during eating. This is the only disadvantage of using these braces.

Apart from these, many other forms of simple metal braces with small brackets have been in the market these days. These braces and procedures help adults gain their smile and confidence back “invisibly”.

Cosmetic dentistry is now being accepted by a lot of people and here are a few benefits of the same:

1. Noticeable Results: In Dubai, it has become fairly common to get teeth repaired. Cosmetic Dentistry includes fixing of chipped, cracked or broken teeth and also discoloration. The procedures have given noticeable results and many have been able to smile more confidently. Cosmetic Dentistry also helps in reducing the signs of aging and can also help in repairing teeth that have caught an infection, have gone through trauma or have had developmental abnormalities. Pick out the best dentist in Dubai for that perfect smile.

2. Helps in improving the confidence of the individual: Cosmetic Dentistry does not only work on the physical aspects of a person, but also helps in pumping the low self-esteem and making them comfortable with themselves. The trauma of battling with low confidence is completely healed. You will have to look for the best dentist in Dubai who could give your confidence a boost.

3. Highly accessible: With a lot of premium dentists extending cosmetic dentistry as a service, it is now fairly easy for people to get the treatment done. It has touched a wide population.

4. Long Lasting: The effects of cosmetic dentistry are long lasting and can go to as long as 10 years. The teeth need basic care and that is all. This is a good deal because it limits the number of visit to the dentist after the treatment, hence giving a better ROI.

5. Success Rate and the Recovery Time: Go for the best orthodontist in Dubai and you will see that Cosmetic Dentistry has shown a high rate of success and requires a fairly short time for recovery. Because of better technology, the procedures have improved and have helped a lot of people.

While you are in Dubai, get cosmetic dentistry services from the best orthodontist in Dubai. Because it is about your smile, why take a chance?

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