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Female Hair Transplant in Dubai

Female Hair Transplant in Dubai UAE – In the past women were not considered good candidates for hair transplant because the procedure was not efficient enough to benefit them. While men were benefiting from hair transplant surgeries, it was rarely considered a workable treatment for their female counterparts suffering from hair loss. However, the latest advancements in surgical hair restoration have made hair transplant an ideal solution for females as well. Baring certain circumstances, females make equally good candidates for hair transplant.

Are you a Candidate?

Since women usually have diffused hair thinning, they are not considered ideal candidates for a hair transplant surgery. However, 2 to 5 percent of women suffer from a hair loss pattern that can be treated with hair transplant surgery. You are a candidate if:

– You want to restore hairs around a surgical scar
– You have a distinct baldness pattern – a receded hairline or crown thinning
– You are suffering from hair loss caused by mechanical or traction alopecia
– You have a hair loss caused by trauma – injury scars, burn scars or chemical burns

Hair Transplant Goals

Like male hair transplant, the main objective of female hair transplant is also to enhance your appearance by restoring a thicker and fuller head of hair.

– To help you restore lost hair
– Fill any bald patches caused by trauma or injury scars
– Boost your self-confidence through and enhanced, youthful look

Hair Transplant Techniques

Since women do not suffer from severe baldness, like men, they are not considered good candidates for strip removal method, also known as Follicular Unit Transplant. Females have two options available for surgical hair restoration:

FUE Hair Transplant – Hair grafts are extracted manually using a punch tool

Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant – a specially designed automated punch tool is used for donor hair harvesting

Pre-op Prepration

If you have been declared a candidate for hair transplant and you are planning to undergo the surgery sometime in near future, here are some tips on how to prepare for the surgery to get the most out of it:

– Stop taking aspirin and all other blood thinners 14 to 20 days prior to the surgery
– Quit smoking three weeks before your hair transplant is scheduled
– Cut your alcohol consumption a couple of weeks before the surgery
– Get all the tests done and prescriptions filled well in advance

Hair Transplant Procedure

Following steps are involved in a Female Hair Transplant:

Step 1 – Preparation of donor area: Hair on the donor area will be trimmed really short to make it easy for the surgeon to extract individual hair follicles

Step 2 – Anesthesia: After trimming and marking the donor area, local anesthesia is administered to numb it and make harvesting process painless

Step 3 – Extraction of donor hair: Then using either of the manual FUE Hair Transplant and Stem Cell FUE, the surgeon extract donor hairs

Step 4 – Preparing grafts: The extracted follicles are then carefully trimmed under a powerful microscope by the technical staff to obtain grafts of desired size

Step 5 – Anesthesia again: Once the graft extraction process is complete, anesthesia is once again administered, but this time to the recipient area

Step 6 – Preparing the recipient area: After numbing the recipient area the surgeon makes tiny incisions at specific angles in the areas with bald patches or hair thinning.

Step 7 – Inserting grafts: The last step of the surgery is graft insertion. The surgeon carefully places the grafts into the tiny incisions, making sure they reach the desired depth and do not pop out.

Hair Transplant Recovery

Recovery from female hair transplant is time taking, and you need to be patient through the entire process to get the most out of your surgery.

– A downtime of 2 days may be required
– You will be able to resume non-strenuous routine activities by the 4 day at most
– Complete recovery will take several months
– Transplanted hair will first fall out before they start – between 4th and 8th week
– Growth of transplanted hair starts becoming notable after 6 to 8 months
– It will take more than a year before you will be able to see the ultimate outcome of the surgery

Post-op Care

Listed below are some post-procedural instructions that you need to follow carefully to make sure you recover quickly and smoothly from the hair transplant:

– Immediately after the surgery, your scalp will be sore and swollen. Use cold compressions to alleviate these symptoms
– Cold compressions will also help manage the post-surgical pain and discomfort
– Start taking prescription pain medications immediately after the surgery
– Do not wash your scalp for one day at least
– Wash your head thrice on the third day, following your surgeon’s instructions
– Do not take aspirin or any other blood thinning medication for two weeks after the hair transplant
– Refrain from smoking for 3 weeks at least after the surgery – nicotine is not at all good for your follicles
– Alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks should be avoided for a week at least
– Avoid touching your scalp unnecessarily
– Picking or scratching at the scab should be strictly avoided
– Ultraviolet rays of sun are not good for your baby follicles
– Do not massage your scalp for the first 10 days post- surgery

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is a multispecialty, inter-professional practice with a network of world class clinics in UAE, United States and Europe. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we are dedicated to providing individualized care and service to each of our patients. We are a team of committed educators; our aim is to educate our patients about the best possible choice of care as it pertains to their individual need thus allowing our patients to make an informed decision. Our team vows to stay at the forefront of technological advances and provide the latest techniques and methods available in the world to our patients. Above all, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of safety and quality throughout our practice.

The female hair transplant is the solution for women who have hair deficiency. It is a surgical procedure which utilizes actual hair cells from different parts of the body. The hair cells are implanted in the deep layers of the scalp which is abundant with blood vessels. This would help the hair cells multiply and grow thicker since the blood carry lots of nutrients. The scalp of women is slightly different compared to men. It is thicker and has more veins and arteries. This is actually an advantage since this would help the hair transplant be successful in the long term.

Unlike men, it is abnormal for women to develop hair loss. The condition can be attributed to several conditions including hormonal imbalance, menopause and genetic abnormalities. In some cases, it is not enough to transfer hair. Dietary supplements should be given in order to provide the necessary nutrition that is lacking from the body.

The female hair transplant has been developed and improved during the last several years. The use of precise transplant machines allows hair strands to be deposited at a very rapid rate. The hair transplant machine scans the scalp of the female patient. It identifies the dermal layer of the skin through microscopic examination of the tissue sample. This would help the machine determine the right depth when inserting the hair strands. This is necessary for the long term maintenance of the hair since it requires nutrients which can only be found in the dermal layer of the skin. A team of surgeons and technicians are present during the procedure to assist and prevent any accidents.

Women with minor hair loss can opt to undergo traditional hair transplant. This can be done through natural proliferation of hair cells in the laboratory. Physicians and doctors can grow hair strands in the Petri dish. The strands are used for the procedure.

The female transplant can be accomplished without any problems. This procedure is necessary since women are very sensitive when it comes to hair loss. This could cause a lot of psychological and emotional problems. The transplant methods used to deal with the problem are very effective and reliable.

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