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Dubai Sky Clinic

Burjuman Tower,Level 21
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +97143558808

General Dentistry

White fillings are dental fillings designed to replicate the appearance of natural teeth, while restoring the original structure of any tooth. It is often used to address cracked, fractured, or decayed teeth. It is also utilised to change the size, shape, or colour of natural teeth. The versatility of this material makes it the perfect solution for addressing tooth gaps, chipped teeth, and alignment problems.

Before and After: tooth coloured composite resin may also be used cosmetically as it closely matches natural tooth colour and appearance. It is used to fix a chipped front tooth shown in the photos above.

The benefits of natural-looking fillings (white fillings):
– Closely replicates the natural colour and appearance of teeth
– Smoothly bonds to the surface and structure of the teeth, without the use of pins, grooves, or slots.
– Helps bring back the original structural strength of teeth, even after severe damage
– Hardens within a mere couple of seconds, unlike other materials that take days to harden
– Minimal to no tooth sensitivity due to composite resin component
– Blends perfectly with the natural appearance of a tooth, so it can be used on the front or rear teeth.
– They repair easily when damaged.

Dental cavities often can serve home to bacteria can cause further deterioration to the structure of a tooth. While regular brushing and flossing are good practices to remove food particles and plaque from tooth surfaces, sometimes these are not enough to remove food particles from within the miniscule grooves and niches of teeth.

When cavities appear, dental sealants can be used to seal them off and prevent further deterioration. Composed of plastic material, these are applied on the chewing surfaces of rear-placed teeth, where cases of decay are most common. Sealants ‘seal off’ these small areas where particles can get stuck and attract bacteria. Additionally, they can also protect the enamel from harsh acids and plaque build-up .

Easy, quick, pain-free application
The material is painted onto the tooth enamel, where it is allowed to bond and harden directly on the surface. Due to its flexible nature, it is able to seal off even the smallest niches and grooves of chewing surfaces, preventing tooth decay.However, despite being extremely flexible, it can withstand the pressure of normal chewing for a number of years. Typically, sealants can last for several years before replacement is needed.To ensure the protection of your teeth, however, our in-house specialists will regularly check your sealants for any signs indicating that reapplication is necessary.

Dubai Sky Clinic

Burjuman Tower,Level 21
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +97143558808

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