German Dental Oasis Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City

German Dental Oasis Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City
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German Dental Oasis Clinic in Dubai Health Care City

The establishment of the clinic German Dental Oasis was guided by the idea to enlarge the activities from Germany and to be part of the fast growing community of Dubai.

Bringing the best in dentistry from Germany to the UAE, being part of the vision inside Dubai Health Care City where we gathered the best doctors of the world to offer the best possible treatment for the citizen of the Gulf region.


Periodontics is a dental specialty which includes the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth.

Periodontal diseases are bacterial infections of the gums, bone and periodontal ligament (fibers that support the teeth and hold them in the jaw). They destroy the gums and supporting bone that hold your teeth in your mouth. As a result, teeth may loosen and fall out or need to be removed.

Causes of Periodontal Disease

The primary cause of periodontal diseases is bacterial plaque, a sticky, colorless coating that forms on the teeth. If left untreated – generally as a result of poor oral hygiene habits – the bacteria in plaque infect the gums, release toxins that redden and inflame the tissue, and gradually destroy the tissues supporting the teeth and underlying bone.

When this happens, the gums separate from the teeth, forming pockets that fill with more plaque and cause additional infection. Other factors that can affect the health of your gums include:

– Decayed Teeth
– Broken or badly fitting partial dentures
– Crowded / crooked teeth
– Oral piercings, smoking drug/alcohol abuse
– Diabetes, leukemia, HIV
– Hormonal factors and genetic influences

Symptoms of Gum Disease

You may have gum disease and not even know it. Often, there is no pain and periodontal diseases may not exhibit symptoms until serious bone loss has taken place. However, it is important to see your dentist at the first sign of these common symptoms of periodontal disease:

– Red, swollen or tender gums
– Gums that bleed easily when brushing or flossing
– Gums that pull away from teeth
– Loose or separating teeth
– Pus between gums and teeth
– Persistent bad breath


Periodontal diseases are chronic diseases. Without vigilant, meticulous and ongoing treatment, periodontal diseases can and often do recur. Once your periodontal health has been evaluated, we will work with you to customize the best treatment plan to control your periodontal disease.

Treatment can vary depending on how far the periodontal disease has progressed. If diagnosed and treated in its early stages, simple non-surgical periodontal therapy may be enough.

If periodontitis has progressed to the extent where you have deep periodontal pockets and considerable bone loss, surgical therapy may be required.

In our clinic our specialists use the LASER as a painless, non- surgical and well-healing procedure.

Lasers represent an innovative and more precise technology for specific hard and soft tissue applications, especially in periodontal treatment

Dental Fillings:

One of the more common oral health issues discovered during scheduled cleanings is decay caries cavity.

We will examine suspected teeth using a dental probe and caries detecting liquid, as well as take an X-ray to determine the extent and the exact location of the cavity and decay.

Once it is determined that a filling is needed, we will advise you of your options for filling and sealing the cavity to prevent further decay and damage to the tooth. Based on your medical history, location of the cavity, aesthetic needs, biting force, durability, cost, number of visits necessary and your preference, we will decide together with you which filling option is your best option.

These options include direct composite fillings and gold or ceramic inlays/onlays made in a dental laboratory.

Dental Fillings – The Procedure 1

Depending on what your best option is, the dentist are may be able to complete your filling immediately. In preparation for treatment, the area surrounding the affected tooth will be anesthetized (numbed) using a local anesthetic.

The dentist will begin the dental filling procedure by preparing the tooth and necessary surrounding areas in order to restore the damaged area. The decay or damage is removed with a dental hand-piece, and the area is cleansed to remove bacteria or debris before the restoration is completed.

The first step in performing a composite filling procedure involves isolation of the tooth. Tooth isolation is critical in a composite restoration, because it prevents moisture from interfering with the bonding process.

The bonding procedure requires the placement of various adhesives followed by the composite material, which is then hardened with a special bonding light. The completed composite restoration is both functional and natural looking.

Dental Fillings – The Procedure 2

For high quality and long life fillings like inlays / onlays we need 2 sessions.

During the first session the dentist will clean the tooth, prepare the cavity, make an impression for the laboratory, take a bite print and will close the tooth with a temporary filling.

After short time the dentist will fix the filling in a second session.

Dental Fillings Recovery and After care

After the cavity has been filled we will discuss steps you can take to prevent decay from forming under or around the filling, or in other teeth.

Brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing with dental floss or an interdental cleaner once a day is advisable. Keeping appointments with us and our hygienist for routine check-ups and teeth cleanings

Also, since diet and nutrition affect oral health, it will be important to maintain a balanced diet and limit your intake of sugary foods and drinks, and between meal snacks.

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