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Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai UAE
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Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai

Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai UAE – Hair loss has been the main cause of depression for both men and women in this day and age. There are so many factors that can be accountable to the cause of hair loss but the main culprit has always been the effect of stress. Stressors can affect any person mentally, physically and emotionally, and may cause a severe damage like hair loss which can eventually lead to balding. Hair loss treatment in Dubai has been founded to give answers and solutions to anyone who is going through such dilemma. Hair loss treatment can vary in so many ways depending on the severity and longevity of hair loss. Treatments may also depend on how and where the cause of hair loss came about. Let us first discuss what may be the possible cause of hair loss to be able to give answer and solution to each problem.

Possible causes and culprits for Hair Loss:

– Hormonal imbalance and changes which can start as early as the puberty stage or during pregnancy and childbirth. This too can happen when a woman is taking birth control pills or on a menopausal stage.
Medical condition like thyroid problems, alopecia areata, scalp infection and other skin disorders like lupus.
– Medications for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems and high blood pressure can be a cause of hair loss as well.
– Physical and emotional stress.
– How a person ties their hair some hairstyle can be the reason for hair loss like tying your hair too tight or brushing your hair too hard.

Hair Loss Treatment and Medications Available in Dubai:

– Medication for hair loss treatment include; Minoxidil, an over the counter liquid that you can rub in your scalp twice daily to help with hair growth and prevent hair loss. This topical medication can be cause irritation when applied too harshly.
– Finasteride is another kind of hair loss medication that treats any form of baldness once taken daily in a pill form or according to your doctor’s prescriptions. A little warning when using this medication, it can cause lowered libido for men and can be a cause of diminished sexual functions as well. This medication can also lead to prostate cancer for men when used for a longer period of time.
– Surgical procedures can be the next best option for hair loss treatment when all the above mentioned medications no longer work.
– Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that can help get the problem area back to its abundant self.
– There are two different types of hair transplant technique and this includes strip harvesting and FUE technique.
– Scalp reduction is another type of hair loss treatment using surgical procedure that can help restore baldness. This is surgical procedure that removes the bald skin on the head and replaces it with a hair-covered scalp.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is a multispecialty, inter-professional practice with a network of world class clinics in UAE, United States and Europe. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we are dedicated to providing individualized care and service to each of our patients. We are a team of committed educators; our aim is to educate our patients about the best possible choice of care as it pertains to their individual need thus allowing our patients to make an informed decision. Our team vows to stay at the forefront of technological advances and provide the latest techniques and methods available in the world to our patients. Above all, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of safety and quality throughout our practice.

Although hair loss problem is a common problem among all individuals around the world, not every one feels really comfortable about the ultimate symptom of hair loss. Truly for someone baldness is a style statement, but for most of the individuals the hair loss phase is actually frustrating and embarrassing. Thinning of hair or diffused hair pattern is also associated with social stigma. An individual suffering from hair loss problem may undergo through low self esteem and lack of self confidence. But this is also true that in most of the cases, we are not enough aware of the critical aspect of the condition and may neglect it by considering a normal phenomena. However, when the problem persists, we usually ask for help in possible hair loss treatment from hair experts.

A wide array of possible hair loss treatments is available in the face of the earth and no one can identify only single one as the best possible solution for everyone. That means, hair loss treatment differs on individual preference and needs. You may have suffered from hair loss problem due to internal malfunctioning. In that case, the primary role of the health experts is to first identify the inherent cause of your problem as the first phase of the hair loss treatment. On the other hand, if you need to undergo through surgical intervention, only use of medicine might not be proven beneficial for you. This article focuses on various types of available hair loss treatment policies.

Anti-androgenic therapy – This therapy is particularly beneficial in the cases of hereditary hair thinning. The prevalence of hereditary hair thinning is one out of four among women in USA. In case of women, the version of this hair loss treatment is known as cyproterone acetate (CPA). In the case of man, excessive secretion of Di-hydrotestosterone (DHT) is found to be responsible for causing baldness as well as hair fall. If you are identified with the hair loss problem triggered by excess DHT secretion, it is quite common that your doctor will suggest you to undergo anti-androgenic therapy as the part of hair loss treatment. It is a time-consuming therapeutic approach that may last even for one year or more.

Hormonal Balancing – It is quite possible if you are going through hair loss problems that you are having hormonal imbalance in your health system. It may occur due to menopausal stage, or if you have experienced recent pregnancy. Even acute stressors or traumatic experiences and anxieties may also cause hormonal disturbances. Specifically hormones secreted from pituitary gland and thyroid gland may cause hair loss problems, if imbalance occurs. In that case, you need to undergo through prescribed medicinal treatment as suggested by your doctor.

Hair Transplantation – Hair transplantation is considered as one of the advanced therapeutic technique as a part of hair loss treatment. It can be done on both men and women. It promises you to provide fine line hair treatment which restores hair areas. In some cases, it is even hard to identify the area in the post-operative period. It is mainly done by stimulating hair follicles. This type of hair loss treatment is really expensive and is tough for everyone to take advantage of this treatment. Likewise any other surgical intervention, hair loss transplant includes a degree of risk associated with it. However, with the advanced technological help in medicinal area the risks have been possibly limited. Only, there is a chance of catching infection or pain during or after surgery. In some cases, bleeding also becomes an issue during surgical intervention.

Alternative Treatment – Not everyone is really willing to depend on chemical based treatment, especially at the initial phases of the problem. Those individuals largely depend on alternative approaches like herbal or Ayurvedic treatment procedures. These types of treatments prescribe using a wide range of herbs such as Basil, Holy Basil, Neem, Tulsi, Aloe Vera and many others.

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