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iCare Clinics Al Qusais Dubai

iCare Clinics Al Qusais Dubai – iCARE Clinics were designed & developed to provide the absolute best in healthcare for people like you. At iCARE, the needs of the patient are most important. In our aim to be your neighbourhood clinic, we are accessible, we are open 365 days a year, we have friendly, efficient staff & the very best in medical care givers. Most importantly, we emphasize on affordability & ethics in healthcare.

With six convenient locations in Dubai – The Oasis Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road, Discovery Gardens ,Lamcy Plaza, Uptown Mirdiff, Al Barsha and Al Qusais. – iCARE is your friendly, dependable, neighbourhood clinic. With a wide range of medical services, a professional team of doctors and best practices in the industry, iCARE is redefining healthcare in this city. Expect to be listened to closely whilst you explain your specific problem, and to be kept informed every step of the way as your doctor narrows down the diagnostic possibilities and discusses treatment options with you. With a team of reputable doctors, caring nurses, expert technicians, and friendly, well trained staff, along with the convenience and speed of our in-house lab and and X-ray facilities, iCARE is set to usher in new standards of healthcare in the city of Dubai.

At iCARE Clinics, we believe patient education is critical in creating sustainable healthy living habits.

iCARE Clinics are part of Landmark Leisure and Hospitality Limited – one of the leading organizations in the region.


• General Medicine
Our clinics provide comprehensive medical services for each member of the family. At iCARE, our GP & Family Medicine practitioners aim to be your primary point of contact for routine medical services.
GPs & Family Medicine practitioners diagnose & manage all primary level illnesses & refer you to specialist practitioners if needed. Our doctors are also specialized in providing well-managed preventive health care – thus providing you with a complete & holistic healthcare solution.

• Internal & Family Medicine
We care for your health like you do.
Our General and Internal Medicine practitioners aim to be the primary point of contact for your entire family’s routine medical requirements. Our doctors patiently listen, observe and examine patients to find the root cause of their problems before deciding on appropriate treatment. They are passionate not only about treating you but also educating you on how to maintain good health.

Some of the ailments our specialists deal with on a regular basis are:

• Diabetes and Hypertension
• Cardiac ailments
• Gastrointestinal diseases
• Infectious diseases
• Thyroid and other endocrinal dysfunction
• Geriatric and adolescent medicine

• Dentistry
Oral hygiene for the whole family
A smile represents beauty, confidence and professionalism. At iCARE, we know the importance of a ‘perfect smile’, and so our dentists work hard to make sure that you wear the smile you’ve always dreamt of. Our experts, a great team of dentists, believe in painless procedures for dental ailments and ensure a comprehensive oral hygiene for you.

Our dental services include:
• Routine check-ups
• Camouflaged (Tooth coloured) dental fillings
• Aesthetic dentistry
– Smile designing
– Teeth whitening
– Veneers
– Full ceramic crowns
• Orthodontics for teeth alignment
• Root canal treatments
• Crowns and bridges
• Pediatric dentistry
– Tooth fillings
– Space maintainers
– Pit and fissure sealants
– Fluoride application for preventing dental cavities
– Paediatric crowns

• Orthodontics
Million dollar smiles for everlasting impressions!
People have a number of problems with their smile – protrusions, crowding, spacing and wrong bite, to name a few. We believe in fixing the best smile for your face.
Our specialists use the latest techniques in field of orthodontics to help you wear that perfect smile.

We offer different kinds of braces:
• Ceramic braces
• Metal braces
• Lingual braces
• Invisaline (invisible) braces

We also specialize in treating cases which need:

• Surgical intervention
• Jaw expansion, jaw advancement, dento-facial orthopaedics
• Orthodontic management of cleft lip and cleft palate cases
• TM joint disorders

• Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Celebrating Motherhood…
At iCARE, our specialists deal with preventive and curative aspects of Gynaecological as well obstetric care – ranging from preconception to post natal care, for today’s woman.

Our services include:
• Puberty and adolescent care as well as counseling for young girls
• Vaccinations for women and young girls
• Preconception and antenatal care including intra-natal assistance at our partner hospitals
• Ultrasound for obstetrics and gynaecology patients
• Treatment for infertility
• Conducting breast examinations, educating about BSE (breast self-exam)
• Pap smear, colposcopy and cancer detection
• Postnatal care and medical issues, dealing with depression and postpartum weight loss
• Dealing with menopause and its troublesome issues
• Counseling and holistic support to make your life easier

• Pediatrics
A child’s health is no child’s play!
Your child’s good health, well-being and happiness are our priority. Our panel of doctors has an extensive knowledge and experience of holistic development for a child on physical, emotional and social levels. They are equipped to give your child the care that is just right for his/her age and stage of life. We take care of children belonging to all age groups – newborn to adolescent.

Our specialists offer following services:
• Growth and development monitoring
• Treatment of common and seasonal infections in children
• Routine vaccinations and immunizations
• Management and counseling of asthma
• Treatment of skin allergies
• Follow up for patients with chronic diseases like epilepsy, diabetes mellitus and nephrotic syndrome.
• Guidance on Breastfeeding and infant feeding

• Dermatology
Skincare is skin deep
Beauty is the path to happiness for many. At iCARE our specialists make sure that they heal the concerns of the skin – to make you feel happy. They are experienced in dealing with cosmetic problems related to scalp, hair and nails.

Our dermatology services include:
• Consultation and treatment for various skin, nail and hair disorders in adults and children
• Wood lamp examination for pigmentary disorders
• Electrocautery for warts and skin tags
• Chemical peeling for acne, pigmentation and skin rejuvenation
• Botox (for wrinkle removal) and mesotherapy for face and scalp
• Laser for hair reduction
• Microdermabrasion for scars and superficial wrinkles
• Cryotherapy for warts and other skin conditions
• Removal of moles, corns and benign skin tumors
• Ear and nose piercing
• Derma roller for acne scars
• Surgery for ingrown toe nails
• Narrow band ultraviolet B phototherapy

• Ophthalmology
See the difference!
The eyes are a window to the soul. At iCARE Clinics, our specialists handle diseases and problems related to this essential sensory organ with expertise and care.

Our ophthalmology department offers following services:
• Management of allergic disorders of the eye
• Management of computer vision syndrome
• Screening and treatment of glaucoma
• Screening of diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy
• Evaluation of glasses for all age groups
• Diagnosis and management of cataract

Expert care for your ear, nose and throat.
ENT specialists at iCARE provide comprehensive care for the entire spectrum of ear, nose and throat disorders. Our team is dedicated to delivering high quality care with a personalised touch.

We offer the following treatment/services:
• Ear, nose and throat disease – assessment and cure
• Pediatric ENT
• Hearing loss and balance problems
• Allergy testing and treatment
• Gunshot ear and nose piercing
• Nasal endoscopy
• Tympanometry
• Wax removal
• Evaluation of headache
• Voice disorders
• Head and neck cancers
• Evaluation of sleep apnea
• Fibro – optic endoscopy (Hypopharyngoscopy)
• Audiological assessment

• Orthopaedics
Life is movement, movement is life…
At iCARE, our doctors help you prevent and correct injuries and disorders of the bones as well as the joints. Our experts are equipped to help you heal your pain and restore your mobility.

We are offering the following services:
• Injuries and trauma: Management of bone, joint and soft tissue injuries.
• Arthritis and rheumatology: Diagnosis and treatment of joint disorders.
• Sports injuries: Treatment and prevention of sports/gym related disorders.
• Back pain and spine: Disc prolapse, sciatica, spondylosis and related spine conditions; back care and preventive measures.
• Ergonomics: Work related injury prevention
• Osteoporosis: Estimation of BMD and treatment of calcium as well as vitamin D deficiency
• Imaging services: X-ray, ultrasound and others

• Physiotherapy
Feel better, move better…
Our experts in physiotherapy work with patients whose movements have been undermined by age, disease, environmental factors or sporting hazards.

Conditions commonly treated but not restricted to, as follows:
• Musculoskeletal injuries like frozen shoulder, tendinitis, labral tear, repetitive stress injuries, low back pains, degenerative joint pains
• Sports injury rehabilitation
• Post-fracture rehabilitation
• Pediatric rehabilitation
• Pain relief using electrotherapy modalities including interferential therapy, cervical-lumbar traction, wax therapy, tens, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation
• Chronic pain management – dry needling, taping, relaxation techniques
• Women\’s health clinic which includes antenatal and postnatal workshops
• Ergonomic work place assessment , posture assessment for children and adults
• Fitness assessment and guidelines on gym workout

• General Surgery

We are offering the following services:
• Injuries & Trauma: Bone & joint injuries and soft tissue injuries.
• Arthritis and rheumatology: Diagnosis and treatment of joint disorders.
• Sports Injuries: Treatment and prevention of sports and gym related disorders.
• Back pain and spine: Disc prolapse, sciatica, spondylosis and related spine conditions: Back care and preventive measures.
• Ergonomics and work related injury prevention.
• Osteoporosis: Estimation of BMD and treatment of calcium and vitamin D deficiency.
• Imaging services : Xray, Ultrasound and others.
• Physiotherapy and occupational therapy.
• Pain management including IFT, Ultrasound therapy, wax therapy, traction etc.
• Excercise Therapy: Mobilisatiion and strengthening : For Joint stiffness, muscle tightness, muscle weakness etc.
• Fitness evaluation and fitness program consultation.
• Gait analysis and training for adults and children.
• Antenatal and postnatal exercise programs.
• Manual therapy

Common conditions treated at iCARE:
• Neck pain, back pain- spondylitis, disc prolapse, strain of back muscles, postural pain, Ankylosing Spondylitis.
• Shoulder Pain- frozen shoulder, dislocations, and tendinitis.
• Hip anomalies, Labral tear, bursitis.
• Knee arthritis, ligament/ meniscal injuries rehabilitation.
• Ankle sprains, Plantar Fascitis, Flat feet.
• Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis.
• Carpal Tunnel, wrist drop.
• Post fracture rehabilitation.
• Gait training
• Pediatric neurodevelopmental delays.

• Urology

• Neurology

• Radiology / X – Ray
We stay tuned in to your body’s needs.
Radiology and imaging is a part of our medical service spectrum. It aids our experts in their patients’ diagnosis and management. At iCARE Clinics, for X-ray and Ultrasound, we offer state of the art computerized radiology and imaging services with a professional yet friendly environment. All procedures are conducted by a senior specialist radiologist who is assisted by experienced and qualified radiographers along with well trained nursing personnel.

Our services include:
• Radiography including OPG
• Routine ultrasound examinations
• Transvaginal ultrasound by female radiologist
• Breast ultrasound by female radiologist
• Color Doppler studies
• 3D/4D ultrasound
• Anomaly scan
• Nuchal translucency screening
• Fetal biophysical profile scoring
• Superficial and small parts’ ultrasound.

Detailed reporting with documentation on CD is available for radiological investigations conducted at the iCARE Clinics. Our radiologists communicate the results of diagnostic imaging through a verbal and written report sent to the referring doctor, thereby working as a part of our clinical team, to participate actively in the decision making related to patient management.

• Pathology / Lab Services
Precision is the key and we’ve always had it!
iCARE Clinics’ laboratory is committed to always provide high quality patient-centric services. Keeping patient safety as top priority our state of the art fully automated laboratory, is compliant with stringent local and international, internal and external quality standards.

iCARE Clinics laboratory provides following services:
• Advisory services for test selection and result interpretation
• All routine and specialized tests
• Health screening test packages
• Pre marriage testing (HIV, HCV, HBsAg, VDRL and Beta Thalassemia screening)
• Food intolerance, food allergy and dust allergy testing
• Diabetes screening and follow up
• Testing for vitamin D deficiency and follow up treatment
• PAP smear screening for cervical cancer
• Hormonal tests for infertility and other conditions.
• Walk-in testing facility for self-patients

iCare Clinics

Damascus Street, Al Qusais 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Timing – Sat to Thur: 7 AM to 11 PM
Fri: 3 PM to 11 PM

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