kottakkal ayurveda treatment center

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Ayurveda treatment is an ancient system of natural and medical healing originated in India. “Ayur”means life and “Veda” means science. Thus ayurveda means science of life. It gives a total approach to health, healing and longevity. The holistic system of medicine is supposed to be the oldest form of health care system available on planet today. It is believed that other healing systems were influenced by the knowledge of Ayurveda.
The unique system of healing believes not only treating the ailments of body alone but also the mind and spirit. The most amazing part of Ayurveda is that it uses almost all methods of healing like yoga meditation purification regime astrology and incorporates herbs gems colour massages diet exercise etc ,which van individually used to heal a number of ailments in a suffering person.
According to Ayurveda everything in nature- the body foods season etc are all composed of five elements originally called “panchamahabhutas”. These are earth water fire air and space. Practitioners or vaidyas group these five elements into three categories called”Doshas”. These are Vata Pitta and Kapha. They believe that an imbalance in these doshas causes illness. Ayurveda believes in treating the sick and restoring the health of a healthy person. WHO has accepted Ayurveda as a complimentary and alternative system of medicine.

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