Laser Acne Scar Treatment in Dubai

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Laser Acne Scar Treatment

Acne scarring is quite a common skin issue that takes place due to the chronic and uncontrolled acne trouble. The scars are pretty unsightly and damage the appearance of a person. Thankfully, there are a number of treatments that are more than useful in getting rid of the issue with great effectiveness. Let’s learn more about Acne Scar Treatment in Dubai.

Who is a candidate?

Anyone who is bothered by acne scarring can benefit from the treatment. Individuals that often seek dermatological help for acne scars treatment include those with:

•Mild Acne
•Moderate Acne
•Severe Nodulocystic Acne
•Acne Mechanica
•Acne Vulgaris

Why you should get Acne Scars Treatment

The first thing that comes to mind with acne scars treatment is clearing scars and lesions resulting from acne. But there are several other goals of the treatment as well. It helps:

•Eliminate stubborn acne scars
•Shrink Large Pores
•Even out skin tone
•Get rid of acne blemishes left behind

Treatment options available:

There is a wide range of options available for Acne Scar Treatment in Abu Dhabi. Laser Skincare Clinic offers a variety of skin resurfacing treatments to help its esteemed clients restore a clear, smooth skin after suffering the pain and agony caused by acne breakouts, which often last for several years. Here are the options that you have to eliminate acne scarring:

•Chemical Peels:
Chemical peels serve as the first aid treatment for acne scarring. A diluted acidic solution of a specific strength is applied to the facial skin. This helps remove the outer most, damaged layer of the skin and also boosts collagen levels. However, chemical peels are useful for mild acne scarring only.

It is a simple skin resurfacing procedure that uses a sandblaster-like machine to buff away the top layer of the scarred skin. It also polishes the affected areas and stimulates the growth of new skin free of scars and acne blemishes. The procedure also boosts the collagen levels to counter the scarring caused by acne.

•Radiofrequency Treatment (RFT):
Radio frequency treatment involves use of pulsed waves that help create new skin without damaging the top most scarred layer of skin. The RFT waves heat up collagen in the inner layers of your skin, resulting in shrinkage and tightening of skin. It also stimulates production of collagen in your skin as well as new and youthful skin.

•Laser Skin Resurfacing/ Fractional CO2 Treatment:
Laser skin resurfacing is probably the most commonly used procedure for acne scar treatment. In this procedure a high intensity laser beam is used to cause microscopic wounds in the outer most scarred skin layer. This induces self healing in the treated areas. This boosts both collagen and elastin levels and allows newer, healthy layer of skin to replace the scarred one.

Among all these treatments, Fractional CO2 Treatment is considered as the best procedure for acne scarring and rough skin texture.

How to prepare for the procedure?

•Avoid sunlight during the last 10-15 days before treatment
•Your doctor may prescribe you some skin lightening cream/ ointment. Use it as directed.
•Stop using any topical products that have not been prescribed by the doctor
•If you have been using Isotretinoin/ Accutane to control acne, then wait for 6 months before undergoing laser treatment
•Have a good night’s sleep on the day before treatment
•Do not apply any cream or lotion to the face on the day of treatment

How the procedure is performed?

•Topical anesthetic is applied to the entire face 30 to 45 minutes before the procedure
•Numbing gel is removed from the face before the treatment
•Using a hand-held laser device (DEKA Smartxide Fractional CO2 Laser), the surgeon will make laser beams incident on the targeted areas
•The high-intensity carbon dioxide laser beams create microscopic holes of a specific length in the affected areas
•The doctor keeps on flashing the laser beams until the entire face has been treated

Post-op care and the recovery time:

•Recovery in case of laser treatment takes a few days with generally no downtime. Nevertheless, rest is highly recommended.
•Your face will be red and a little itchy immediately after the treatment. Ice packs may help relieve the discomfort
•Do not expose the treated areas to direct sunlight for 4 to 6 weeks at least
•Keep your face generously moisturized to avoid any itching sensations
•Avoid touching your face unnecessarily
•Crusts may form in the treated areas. Avoid picking or scratching the crust. Let it come off while you wash your face

Results & Benefits

•The results of laser skin resurfacing are the best and at par with the surgical removal.
•The scarring subsides as the skin heals completely.
•End result is a smooth and scarring free skin.
•If pre- and post-procedural care is followed carefully, laser acne scars treatment does not have any side effects.

Cost of Laser Treatment for acne scars:

•There is no fixed cost of Acne Scar Treatment in Dubai.
•Cost of procedure varies widely from person to person depending upon various factors.
•Cost determining factors include degree of scarring, type of procedure, laser type and number of sessions.
•Cost of Acne Scar Treatment also varies from one provider to another, depending upon the experience and reputation of the physician.


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Laser Skin Care Clinic is a multi specialty cosmetic surgery facility based in Dubai. Our Laser treatment center started working after the inauguration back in 2005. We offer the state of the art facilities to our esteemed clients and have some of the finest names in the cosmetic industry working with us to ensure that we offer nothing short of the best to you.

The center is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. In order to keep abreast with the fast changing technology, the center invests major share of its resources into machinery acquisitions and staff development. It is the result of untiring efforts of the doctors and staff as well as the management that Laser Skin Care Center is rated among the best laser centers in the region. Laser Skin Care is recognized not only for its dedicated staff and team of certified practitioners, but also for its best quality, result-oriented services.

Laser Skin Care Clinic offers all cosmetic treatments using hi-tech equipment and latest techniques. All the procedures are administered by laser specialists who are the leaders in their respective fields.

Laser treatment is a revolutionized way of treating and rejuvenating skin. These procedures are great for those who are seeking a non-invasive, minimal risk solution to fix their skin imperfections and get a healthy, glowing, young-looking skin.

Services we offer:

Most people are familiar with a single application of lasers and that is Laser Hair Removal. But with advancements in technology, new dimensions have also been added and are still being added with every single passing day. At Laser Skin Care Center you will find a comprehensive range of new Lasers and a variety of treatment options. After hair removal, Laser Acne treatment is probably the most popular procedure nowadays. Other facial skin rejuvenation services that we offer through laser include:

•Laser Skin Rejuvenation
•Laser Skin Tightening
•Laser Scar Removal
•Laser Treatment Large Pores
•Laser Treatment for Fine Lines and Wrinkles
•Laser Treatment for Freckles and Blemishes

Many people suffer from the after effects of acne scars and seek out laser acne scar treatment in order to reverse that damage that has been done. Thankfully with the advancements in dermatological therapy and the use of laser resurfacing, medicine has made it completely optional when it comes to living with scarring due to acne.

Laser Acne Scar Removal

There are two forms of lasers that are of use in acne scar removal treatment. These consist of non-ablative laser and resurfacing or ablative lasers. The way in which ablative lasers work is by removing the outer layers of the skin by burning away the scar tissue promoting the tightening of collagen. The combination of these significantly reduces the visibility of scars.

Since the skin is purposely damaged, a great deal of care must go into preventing infection after this procedure is undergone. The skin may also remain red for as long as a year following a procedure this aggressive as well. Non-ablative laser acne scar treatment serves to promote changes in the skin without having to damage it.

Skin Resurfacing Laser

The newest form of this laser that has been approved by the FDA is called Smoothbeam. The Smoothbeam laser focuses on the sebaceous gland which is responsible for the production of sebum which directly contributes to acne. When the collagen in the skin is heated, it helps to tighten the skin and therefore reduce the visibility of scarring as well.

Reducing Facial Skin Redness

There is also what is referred to as the yellow pulse dye laser. This laser can also significantly reduce the appearance of keloidal scars by reducing redness, itching and flattening their raised appearance. Before this laser is put into action, a topical anesthetic is applied to the affected area and the skin surface is cooled to prevent damage 60 minutes before undergoing the procedure. The patient will be aware of both hot and cool sensations as they are undergoing the treatment, but with the anesthetic, this will be more tolerable.

Only taking an hour at a time, this procedure is typically performed in three sessions about 30 days apart. If you are suffering from the lingering and persistent signs of acne, laser treatment for acne scars is a safe and effective option available to you when deciding on how to return your skin to its healthy, clear appearance.

Speak with your dermatologist regarding these laser acne scar treatments and determine which one is right for you and your skin’s needs.

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