Lip Enlargement in Umm Suqeim Dubai

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Lip Enlargement in Umm Suqeim Dubai

Lip Enlargement in Umm Suqeim Dubai – Full lips with an accentuated border definitely add to the beauty and appeal of a woman making her look youthful and attractive whereas thin lips make a person look weak, unhealthy and aged. One effect of aging is atrophy of facial fat, including the lips, which means that as you age your lips become thinner and since most cultures prize youth, thinner lips are considered undesirable. Lip enlargement in Dubai is an available option for you to benefit from. There is no fixed cost for lip augmentation, or a set formula to calculate the expenses that you will incur to get your dream lip size and volume. Numerous

Lip Enlargement Candidates

You may be a good candidate for lip enlargement if:

• You have extremely thin lips.
• There are lines on your lips.
• You have asymmetrical lips.
• You lips are not properly defined.
• Small amount of the red portion of your lips is visible.

Lip Enlargement Goals

The goal of lip enlargement is enhancing the esthetic appearance of lips by:

• Increasing the size of lips
• Improving the symmetry of lips
• Improving the definition of lips

Treatment Options

Various options are available for improving the size and definition of lips. These options include:

• Dermal fillers: These are the substances that are injected in the lips to enhance their size and shape.
• Fat injections: This procedure involves extracting fat from some other area of your body and injecting it in your lips.
• Hyaluronic acid fillers – mimic the natural hyaluronic acid that is found in the body and are longer lasting. Hyaluronic acid keeps skin smooth and hydrated.
• Collagen fillers – are made from collagen derived from cow’s skin or human skin tissues. Collagen is naturally found in the body that keeps skin smooth and supple.

Pre-op Preparation

During your pre-treatment visit, your plastic surgeon will examine you, evaluate your general health and will give you some pre-treatment instructions. Some common pre-treatment instructions include:

• Stop smoking for certain period of time.
• Refrain from drinking alcohol as it can affect natural healing process.
• Avoid taking aspirin and blood thinning medications.
• Keep yourself hydrated.
• Avoid excessive exposure to the sun.
• Wear sunscreen regularly.

Lip Enlargement Procedure

The procedure of lip enlargement is very simple and easy and takes just few minutes. The procedural steps involve:

• The treatment area will be cleansed.
• Numbing cream will be applied to eliminate discomfort and pain. Mostly, the discomfort caused by the treatment is bearable, so most of the patients do not require numbing cream.
• Then, small amounts of filler will be injected in few sites in and around the lips.
• The treatment area will then be massaged slightly to make the results even.

Lip Enlargement Benefits

There are many different benefits of lip enlargement. Some of these benefits are:

• It gives volume and fullness to your lips that ultimately enhances your facial appearance.
• It makes your smile and face more attractive.
• It is minimal invasive procedure.

Lip Enlargement Recovery

Lip enlargement is non-surgical procedure and therefore it will not require longer period of time for recovery. However, side effects will take a couple of days to subside completely.

• Just after the treatment, you will experience over-filled and tightened lips but this will be temporary.
• Swelling and bruising will take a couple of days to subside completely.
• You will be able to resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment.
• The final results will become visible after the swelling resolves.

Post-op Care

After the treatment is done, our plastic surgeon will give you some simple post-treatment instructions. These instructions will help you get rid of side effects and make your procedure successful. Some common instructions are:

• Use ice compresses to reduce swelling and discomfort.
• Refrain from excessive lip movement for about 24 hours after treatment.
• Avoid massaging and rubbing your lips.
• Use the prescribed topical medication – if required.

Lip Enlargement Results

Lip enlargement gives instant results but they will be temporary as the substances are eventually absorbed by the body. The results typically last from three months to twelve months but they greatly vary depending on the type of fillers used. Permanent lip fillers may last longer. The results of fat injections last for about six months. You will require having follow-up treatments to sustain the results.

About Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is a multi-specialty, inter-professional practice with a network of world class clinics in UAE, where it has been serving the public since its establishment back in 2004. Founded in Year 2005, the network has distinguished itself by providing Premier Cosmetic and Hair Restorative Surgery services at affordable cost to locals and foreigners alike.

Recognizing uniqueness of each person and her situation, as well as the need of personalization and customization that this recognition entails, we work closely with our clients to help them find their options, and then, go all out to cater for their individual health and beauty needs. Our clients range from individuals and families to support groups and corporations.

When our practice started in 2004, our portfolio was limited to plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures including hair transplantation service. Over time, however, with God’s blessing, our commitment to quality service and professionalism earned us a significant following of loyal customers who increasing tended to look up to us for guidance and consultation in health matters that we did not originally think to cater for.

This led us to realize that our clients needed more. So, we decided to keep connected with them to make sure if they were enjoying their life to the fullest and to find out how we could ensure their lifelong as well as life-wide health and well-being.

It was in response to this implicit demand of our clients that we decided to extend our service portfolio beyond plastic and cosmetic surgery. The result is our present portfolio. It is interesting to see how the evolution worked for us. We first added general skincare solutions, with which came our laser treatment centre. These were followed by Cosmetic Dentistry Department. General Practitioner, Family Medicine and Wellness & Lifestyle Counseling Unit, which has been set up recently, is the fresh addition. Introducing General Surgery and ENT specialist services are our next propositions that are currently under consideration.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

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