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Melasma Laser Treatment

Hyperpigmentation is a fairly common skin trouble that many people face. Melasma is one of these conditions that particularly effects women. Also known as the mask of pregnancy, it appears on the exposed parts of the skin during pregnancy. We shall learn more about the condition and the ways it can be treated in the following lines.

A look into Melasma

Melasma is caused by build ups of melanin in the skin. The spots are generally brown in color and usually take a round shape.They can be caused as a result of pregnancy, use of birth control pills, too much exposure to the sun without any protection and due to hormonal imbalances.

How to avoid Melasma

There are some simple steps that can help in keeping this condition at bay. First and foremost, it is important to apply sunscreen whenever you are going outdoors under the sun. This will ward off the UV rays. Also make sure that you hormonal levels are normal.

How to prepare for Melasma Treatment?

•Protect yourself against sun exposure. Apply strong sunscreen and wear a wide brimmed hat when going out in sun
•Discontinue applying topical Retin A to the treatment areas a week before melasma treatment
•Quit smoking and drinking three days before the procedure
•Avoid any form of tanning, including sun tanning, sauna baths and use of tanning lotions
•It is a nice idea to use skin lightening ointments. Discuss with your physician
•Do not wear any makeup while coming to the clinic

Treatment options

There are numerous options that can be used for Melasma Treatment in Dubai.

Topical Creams are used that usually have kojic acid, azelaic acid and hydroquinone as active ingredients. The idea is to inhibit the production of melanin to stop this problem. Long term usage is needed to achieve the desired results.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is highly effective for Melasma Treatment in Sharjah and other parts of the world. A broad spectrum light is used in very specific wavelengths for the purpose of breaking down the pigmentation into smaller bits. The body can then easily remove these bits. IPL is noninvasive and almost free from pain.

Chemical Peels are acidic solutions that are applied to the skin for the purpose of resurfacing it.A few applications can get the job done and completely remove these unwanted spots. The treatment has minimum side effects and generally no downtime. Collagen stores in the skin improve as well.

Laser treatment in Dubai also works well as it works at a deeper level while leaving the top layers of the skin intact. The energy from laser beams heats up the pigmentation buildups, causing them to break down so that the body can remove them with ease. The treatment is more or less pain-free and side effects are generally mild. The treatment also boosts elastin and collagen levels in the skin. DEKA Smartxide Fractional CO2 Laser is generally used for treating

Dermabrasion brings to use specialized wire brushes to exfoliate the skin. This is a highly invasive procedure but works well for Melasma. Within a few sessions of treatment, it can be fully removed. Some downtime and side effects are to be expected.

Microdermabrasion works by exfoliating the skin with the help of tiny crystals. The new skin that forms has lesser appearance of the problem. A few repeats of this minimally invasive treatment are needed for the desired outcome. Side effects are minimal and there is no downtime whatsoever.

Post-treatment care and recovery tips:

•Immediately after the treatment apply antibiotic ointment recommended by the doctor
•Use ice packs to minimize any redness, swelling or itching in the treated areas
•Do not rub or massage the treatment site for a week at least
•Keep treated areas adequately moisturized
•Avoid touching your face unnecessarily
•Do not expose treated areas to direct sunlight for a couple of months at least after the session
•Generously apply a broad spectrum sunscreen lotion to the face before going out during day time
•Do not pick or scratch at the scab that forms after melasma treatment


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Laser Skin Care Clinic is a multi specialty cosmetic surgery facility based in Dubai. Our Laser treatment center started working after the inauguration back in 2005. We offer the state of the art facilities to our esteemed clients and have some of the finest names in the cosmetic industry working with us to ensure that we offer nothing short of the best to you.

The center is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. In order to keep abreast with the fast changing technology, the center invests major share of its resources into machinery acquisitions and staff development. It is the result of untiring efforts of the doctors and staff as well as the management that Laser Skin Care Center is rated among the best laser centers in the region. Laser Skin Care is recognized not only for its dedicated staff and team of certified practitioners, but also for its best quality, result-oriented services.

Laser Skin Care Clinic offers all cosmetic treatments using hi-tech equipment and latest techniques. All the procedures are administered by laser specialists who are the leaders in their respective fields.

Laser treatment is a revolutionized way of treating and rejuvenating skin. These procedures are great for those who are seeking a non-invasive, minimal risk solution to fix their skin imperfections and get a healthy, glowing, young-looking skin.

Services we offer:

Most people are familiar with a single application of lasers and that is Laser Hair Removal. But with advancements in technology, new dimensions have also been added and are still being added with every single passing day. At Laser Skin Care Center you will find a comprehensive range of new Lasers and a variety of treatment options. After hair removal, Laser Acne treatment is probably the most popular procedure nowadays. Other facial skin rejuvenation services that we offer through laser include:

•Laser Skin Rejuvenation
•Laser Skin Tightening
•Laser Scar Removal
•Laser Treatment Large Pores
•Laser Treatment for Fine Lines and Wrinkles
•Laser Treatment for Freckles and Blemishes

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