Michigan Institute for Pain Management in Dubai Health Care City

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Michigan Institute for Pain Management in Dubai Health Care City

Since 2005, the Michigan Institute of Pain Management has been giving its patients a better quality of life. MIPM consists of four state of the art medical facilities designed solely to find relief for patients struggling with chronic pain. With the latest in medical technologies, a broad spectrum in pain management treatments, and a staff of experts in their fields, patients are discovering every day that they don’t have to live in pain.

Pain management is a relatively new field that has only been in practice the last twenty years. Keen on the importance of the pain management field, Dr. Hussein A. Huraibi set out to find a way to better serve his patients, thus became the Founder and Medical Director of MIPM. He and his colleagues have combined their vast array of specialized backgrounds to bring multiple levels of diagnoses and treatments to their patients, mixing both traditional and non-traditional styles.

In addition to medical technology, the staff at MIPM believes in taking the time to really listen to their patients. Pain sufferers are often seeking help after previous attempts to address their pain have failed. This is where the professional team at MIPM steps in to try and shed new light on what may have been a previously darkened prognosis. Whether the method is tried and true or cutting edge, each individual receives a customized treatment plan to meet his/her needs, in an environment that is always comfortable and respectful.

Pain & Debilitating Conditions

Gaining control over and finding relief from acute and chronic debilitating pain conditions.

Pain is a highly subjective condition as everyone feels pain differently. Consequently, pain conditions can be difficult to diagnose. While some people are able to perform daily tasks with a certain level of pain, others may find their condition to be too severe and completely debilitating, leaving them on bed rest or lessening their independence. Similarly, some may describe their pain as dull or throbbing, stabbing or piercing, and others with more unique conditions may describe the pain they are experiencing in terms of other sensations like extreme heaviness, burning, or itch.

Our pain management physicians will work one-on-one with you to understand your individual pain, evaluating factors, such as duration, intensity, type, source, or location in the body. They may also consider issues like threshold and pain tolerance in initial assessment to provide you with an accurate diagnosis. Through an interdisciplinary approach – which combines multiple fields of study from medical to behavioral management and beyond – and an individualized treatment plan, we’ll help you gain control over the pain and find relief, promising that a better quality of life is possible.

Find pain relief through interventional pain management: a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

Interventional pain management is an integrated approach to treatment, in which a team – comprised of healthcare professionals from different medical disciplines – works together to help you find relief from your acute or chronic pain condition. It is through this multidisciplinary treatment approach that patients have access to a full range of advanced techniques, such as epidural, joint, or trigger point muscle injections, nerve root and medical branch blocks, spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulators and radiofrequency denervation. The physicians at our pain management center may use interventional services for diagnostic purposes, to determine the source of pain, or therapeutic purposes, to treat painful acute or chronic conditions. Other purposes may be prognostic, to predict the outcome of other interventional treatments, or preemptive, to prevent other pain conditions that could result from certain procedures.

To receive a full list of available services, treatments, and techniques, and to determine if interventional pain management is the best method of treating your acute or chronic condition, contact our pain management center. This form of pain management may just be the intervention you have been looking for to stop letting pain control your life and start finding the relief that you deserve.

What is Neuromodulation?

Neuromodulation is a general word that refers to activity within the human nervous system. Neuromodulation for treating pain refers to the use of highly specialized technology that can alter the function of the human nervous system.

For example, electrical stimulation may be introduced to various parts of the body, either through the skin (called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS) or into deeper areas of the body using needles or surgically implanted devices called spinal cord stimulators.

Neuromodulation is an exciting and growing field within the specialty of pain medicine. While TENS has been around for a long time, newer technologies such as peripheral and spinal cord stimulators and devices to deliver electrical stimulation to the human brain are much newer, advanced and more effective; under the right circumstances. Doctors using these devices to treat pain require extensive training and are generally board-certified anesthesiologists or neurological surgeons.

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