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Nicholson Homoeopathy

Nicholson Homoeopathy brings together the reliability and experience of a branch of medical treatment which has universal acclaim. Time tested methodologies propounded by a Germen visionary of early 20th century Dr.Hahnemann is meticulously followed by our practitioners who span three generations

First generation :

Dr C.D.Mathews(1927-2014) –Consultant Homoeopath Practicing since 1951 from Thrissur.
Pioneering Homoeopathic treatment in Kerala since 1951, Dr C.D.Mathews has been a recipient of several awards. It is this grandfatherly guidance, strong values and timeless wisdom, the foundation pillars on which Nicholson Homoeopathy is built.

Second Generation :

Dr Lizy Nicholas – Consultant Homoeopath Practicing since 1980 from Thrissur.
Dr Lizy Nicholas, armed with a Diploma in Homoeopathy Science was initiated into practice by her illustrious father in 1980. Practicing from her clinic at Thrissur, she is also blessed with a healing touch, which has brought smiles to thousands of suffering patients so far.

Third Generation :

Dr Reji Nicholas –Consultant Homoeopath &Trichologist Practicing since 2000 from Ernakulam and Thrissur. Also Senor Consultant at Atlas Star Medical Center in Dubai & Muscat

If Homoeopathy is a science based on experience, Dr Reji Nicholas B.H.M.S., M.D., is a homoeopath in the accepted sense of the term. In the sense Dr Hahnemann would employ that term. Dr Reji, who has his feet well planted on the foundations laid by his grandfather and mother, has his consulting units spread across Kerala and beyond.

The Value based system followed in Nicholson Homoeopathy, follows the ‘Law of Similar’, ‘Law of Single Remedy’ and the ‘Law of Minimum Dosage’. Nicholson Homoeopathy’s hair loss treatment is in reliance by patients throughout India and Middle East and has a proven track record of giving best results. The Doctors in Our System becomes a friend, guide and inspiration for the patients helping them to become a more good being of them.

NICHOLSON HOMOEOPATHY and the consultancies of our three generations of committed Homoeopaths are built on the three pillars of Dr Hahnemann:

» The Rule of Simile, or the principle of Similarity.
» Testing of the Medicament in the healthy human being.
» The principle of Homoeopathic Dosage.


Nicholson Homoeopathy Thrissur deals with generic preventive care medicines for ailments affecting children, ladies and men with professionalism combined with traditional values of a homoeopathic practitioner.


Dr. Reji Nicholas , BHMS, MD, (Member of Trichological Society, Hair Scientists UK) specialized in Hair Loss treatments based in Homoeopathy helps you to regain and retain your hair. It is not common knowledge that hair goes through three phases in its life span. A growing phase of about three years (Anagon), a resting phase of a month (Catogen) and a falling phase of approximately three months (Telogen).It is only when hair loss persists and exceeds the normal percentage of falling hair that you require treatment. This condition is caused by certain internal imbalances in the body, which pushes the growing hair permanently into the falling phase. Irrespective of the cause or the kind of hair loss, Dr Reji Nicholas assures results, with his Homeopathic medication.


Hair loss is becoming a serious issue for both men and women now a days. Nicholson Homoeopathy brings together the reliability and experience of a branch of medical treatment which has universal acclaim.

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