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Novabase Dubai

Novabase Dubai – At Novabase our work is to create, every day, stories that end well. At the end of each one, someone’s life get simpler, happier. And as there are millions of lives, touched by each of these stories we help to change the world.Which could be a happy ending – but it’s not. For one simple reason, this is a never-ending story.Each problem resolved, each solution that improved the day-to-day of so many people is just another chapter.Turning the page there’s always another one. Another challenge, another opportunity touse technology to change the lives of people, organizations, even countries. When we look at the technology we produce as part of this great story, our work starts to make sense. It points to new outcomes that are always further ahead: at that place, over there, that we usually call the future.”

We make people’s and business’s lives simpler and happier

We believe that we can change the world through technology. Changing the day-to-day of people, one moment at the time, one person at the time, our goal is to improve the life of a billion of people.


Even in such a complex world, what makes us happy are the simplest things To do something that used to take months, in an instant. Effortlessly resolve things that used to take up neurons and patience. Every time technology simplifies our life, there’s a high- precision gear behind it. But, behind the gear, what invariably shines is an idea.A simple, elegant, so often evident idea – is all one needs to change the world.”


We were born to communicate, interact, cooperate with one another. We were born to get there. Who dares to stop it? Geography? Cultural differences? Physical difficulties? What good opportunities to change the world.We take a good idea, add technology design, and go out there breaking down barriers.Between people and services.Between people and people.Between people and what makes them happy.”


For some reason Mother Nature gave us legs: she wanted to see us move.Then the legs gained accessories: wheels, oars, wings, motors. We were made to be out and about. Then we tried the opposite: instead of reaching the world, we make it reach us. We take it with us in our pockets that way we are always in every place. In the bank as well as on the train.At home and at friends’ homes.Here, there, everywhere.Because that’s the way we are happy.”


As the technologies that we depend on are more sophisticated, more we need them to be sustainable.That’s to say, intelligent and capable of not only multiplying, but of doing more with less.It doesn’t only take their benefits to the whole planet, but it’s being best guarantee for this planet.It’s technologies like these that we are.”

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