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Oral Care And Preventive Dentistry in Dubai UAE – Dr. Aburas Dental Center Contact Details, Telephone Numbers, Website, Address, Location Map, Direction, Photos, Videos, Opening Hours, Email Address

Dr. Aburas Dental Center

Villa 833/A, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +97143952131
Email: info@dr.aburas.ae

Oral Care And Preventive Dentistry

Preventive oral care strategies for children and adults include a number of in-office and home care activities, including:

At-home oral hygiene
The most important prevention technique is brushing and flossing at least twice a day (or after every meal) to remove dental plaque, a film-like coating that forms on your teeth. If not removed, plaque can build up and produce dental tartar, a hardened, sticky substance with acid-producing bacteria that cause tooth decay and lead to gum disease.

Fluoride use
Fluoride strengthens teeth and prevents tooth decay. Fluoride treatments are provided in dental offices, and dentists recommend using fluoride toothpastes and mouth rinses at home. Public water fluoridation – ranked as one of the 20th century’s 10 great public health achievements – provides a major source of fluoride.

Regular dental visits
Since most dental conditions are painless at first, if you don’t regularly visit your dentist, you may not be aware of dental problems until they cause significant damage. For best results, schedule regular dental check-ups every six months; more often if you’re at higher risk for oral diseases. Your dentist should also perform oral cancer screenings to check for signs of abnormal tissues. Especially for children, checking oral growth and development (including an assessment for caries development) should be part of dental evaluations.

Mouth guards
Mouth guards – particularly a custom-made mouth guard prescribed by your dentist to provide a better fit – can be worn during sports activities to protect against broken teeth. Mouth guards also are used to treat teeth grinding (bruxism), which can wear down teeth and contribute to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

Sealants are thin composite coatings placed on the chewing surfaces of back permanent teeth to protect your child from tooth decay.

Dental cleanings and screenings
A dental cleaning (prophylaxis) is recommended every six months to remove dental plaque and stains you’re unable to remove by yourself, as well as to check for signs of tooth decay.Gum Disease is a chronic bacterial infection that affects the gums and bone supporting the teeth. Gum disease is a THREAT to your oral health as well as your general health. It may contribute to heart attack or stroke, increased risk of delivering pre-term for women, delivering low birth weight babies, difficulty controlling blood sugar levels in people with diabetes etc.

– Gums that are red, swollen, tender, bleed easily or pull away from the teeth
– Persistent bad breath or bad taste
– Loose or separating teeth
– A change in the way your teeth fit together

Non-Surgical Treatment
The removal of plaque and tartar when the gum disease is diagnosed at an early stage

Surgical Treatment
Periodontal surgery is necessary when the tissue around your teeth id unhealthy and cannot be repaired with non-surgical treatment

Laser Gum Treatment
Laser gum treatment is a noninvasive, painless procedure that can treat a wide range of gum conditions with advanced laser technology. This safe and affordable treatment can be used to treat gum disease; repair deep gum pockets, sore gums and tooth damage; and improve a gummy smile.During laser gum treatment, no damage or changes are made to healthy teeth and gums. The laser is aimed directly at the targeted area without cutting any gum tissue and seals the area as it treats. There is no need for stitches and minimal risk of infection or bleeding with this conservative yet effective treatment.

Dr. Aburas Dental Center

Villa 833/A, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +97143952131
Email: info@dr.aburas.ae

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