Post Surgical Scars Treatment in Umm Suqeim Dubai

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Post Surgical Scars Treatment in Umm Suqeim Dubai

Post Surgical Scars Treatment in Umm Suqeim Dubai – A scar is an effect of the replacement of skin after every injury or for this matter, after any surgical procedures done. A scar is a natural part of the healing process of any types of wounds which serves as a way for broken skin tissues to be repaired. All scars have reasons and possible traumatic or not so traumatic experiences behind it. A story behind every scar can be as mysterious as a wind but either so it can give a positive or negative effect to a person that has it. A visible scar which is situated in areas like the face can be an effect of negative comments and possible low self-esteem to a person carrying it. Scars that are especially caused by surgical procedures like face lift or hair implants for eyebrows and hairlines can be one of the possible factors for post-surgical scars that can be so prominent it has to be repaired or reconstructed immediately. This is how post=surgical scar in Dubai came about. It aims to lessen the appearance scars caused by any types of surgical procedures from any parts of the body.

How the scar heals will depend on different factors such as:

• How the wound is treated: or if the wound was not treated can be a big factor to the possible appearance of a scar. There are two ways for treatment and this includes the primary and the secondary intentions. Primary intentions occur when the wound edges are closely brought together usually by stitches or sometimes medical tape or glue. Secondary intentions occur when wound edges cannot be physically brought together such as in untreated deep gaping cuts, areas of tissue loss, or in deeper abrasions and burns.

• Areas of the body were the scar formed: areas such as the chest, mid chest, upper shoulders and back may have the possibility of scars to widen due to the movement and tensions made in this body parts.

• Patients’ age: the younger the child the faster it heals and the older the person the most possibility of darker scar tissues to be more prominent.

• Genetics: the healing of the scar and the appearance of keloids will depend on the patient’s genetics. If his bloodline has it, most definitely keloid forming scars can happen to him as well.

Steps to take for less visible appearances of post-surgical scars:

• Vitamin C: take 500mg of this vitamin twice a daily before and after getting a surgery to help the body produce collagen which can lessen the appearance of post-surgical scars.

• Add more protein in your diet: the amino acids found in protein is a building block for producing new cells which can help produce new cells on areas that may have possible scarring tissues.

• Retinoid Creams: apply liberally on areas where incisions were made to stimulate stem cells and help the skin produce new cells faster.

• Other types of treatment for post-surgical scars include lasers and injectables.

Remember to see a dermatologist for proper guidance and less complications.

About Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is a multi-specialty, inter-professional practice with a network of world class clinics in UAE, where it has been serving the public since its establishment back in 2004. Founded in Year 2005, the network has distinguished itself by providing Premier Cosmetic and Hair Restorative Surgery services at affordable cost to locals and foreigners alike.

Recognizing uniqueness of each person and her situation, as well as the need of personalization and customization that this recognition entails, we work closely with our clients to help them find their options, and then, go all out to cater for their individual health and beauty needs. Our clients range from individuals and families to support groups and corporations.

When our practice started in 2004, our portfolio was limited to plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures including hair transplantation service. Over time, however, with God’s blessing, our commitment to quality service and professionalism earned us a significant following of loyal customers who increasing tended to look up to us for guidance and consultation in health matters that we did not originally think to cater for.

This led us to realize that our clients needed more. So, we decided to keep connected with them to make sure if they were enjoying their life to the fullest and to find out how we could ensure their lifelong as well as life-wide health and well-being.

It was in response to this implicit demand of our clients that we decided to extend our service portfolio beyond plastic and cosmetic surgery. The result is our present portfolio. It is interesting to see how the evolution worked for us. We first added general skincare solutions, with which came our laser treatment centre. These were followed by Cosmetic Dentistry Department. General Practitioner, Family Medicine and Wellness & Lifestyle Counseling Unit, which has been set up recently, is the fresh addition. Introducing General Surgery and ENT specialist services are our next propositions that are currently under consideration.

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