Redustim Healthy Lifestyle Devices Dubai

Redustim Healthy Lifestyle Devices Dubai
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Redustim Healthy Lifestyle Devices Dubai

Redustim Healthy Lifestyle Devices Dubai – ReduStim medical device (class IIa) is an obesity treatment based on an innovative approach, that aims at progressively eliminating,by bio magnetic activation, the subcutaneous fat as well as the excess fat (abdominal or visceral fat), responsible among other things for certain cardio-vascular diseases, strokes, cancers as well as male and female infertility, in particular in obese patients. The ReduStim Bio Magnetic activation is realised through the application of a low frequency alternating magnetic field, without adverse effects on the body. This painless technology has been successfully clinically tested during the last 15 years. The applied magnetic field oscillates between 0 and 4 times the value of the Earth’s magnetic field (0,5 Gauss). The Bio Magnetic activation specifically targets the (calcium channels); contained in the membranes of all muscles cells. Biologically, it is the calcium that triggers the muscle’s contraction.

The bio magnetic activation produced by ReduStim targets the striated and the smooth muscles
As an obesity medical device, ReduStim is made available to gynaecologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, nutritionists and to MAR (medical assisted reproduction) centers which are the main specialists concerned with the consequences of abdominal obesity.

Earth Magnetic Field And Calcium Channels
The strength of the Earth’s magnetic field has fallen significantly over the past few centuries. It varies depending on latitude, from 0.3 gauss at the equator to the poles, where it is much higher at 0.7 gauss. In Europe the field strength is 0.5 gauss.

Cell metabolism, and the phosphorus and calcium metabolism in particular, depends on the strength of the magnetic field surrounding the cell. Calcium ions are involved in the transmission of impulses from the nerves to the muscle, in hormone secretion, in stimulating the immune system, and in the ability of cells to contract.

The magnetic field stimulates biochemical and biophysical reactions and reactions between the cells, increasing the permeability of the cell membranes. As a result, the cells are better oxygenated and the metabolism is enhanced. This process is under the control of the central nervous system, which activates the immune system.

Which Is The Energy Proportion Consumed By Each Muscles Category
The basic metabolism (lying, awake or asleep individual) schematically corresponds to the operating of the viscera and to the ionic balance. It is of approximately 1400 Kcal. metabolism of a patient with a moderate activity is of about 2800 Kcal. The more important the physical activity is, the more energy is consumed by the metabolism. So globally, and in the context of a moderate physical activity, the smooth muscles activity alone is about 30-40% of the total energy consumption of an individual, hence the strong implication of the visceral muscles.

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Redustim Healthy Lifestyle Devices Dubai
Nucleotide Complex – Floor 3 – Unit 328
P.O.Box 500767
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