Root Canal Therapy Treatment in Dubai

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Root Canal Therapy Treatment in Dubai

At any mention of a root canal in Dubai, also known as endodontic treatment in Dubai, anyone would become apprehensive about it because society has instilled it in our minds that root canal therapy is a very painful procedure. To the contrary, a root canal procedure actually relieves the pain instead of inducing it.

So what is a root canal procedure? A root canal treatment is a procedure done by an endodontist in Dubai when a tooth pulp is badly infected or decayed leading to inflammation, swelling and finally death of the pulp. During this procedure, the dead pulp and nerves inside the tooth are cleaned out, and then the hollowness is filled with a special type of dental filler, and then sealed with special cement.

Major reasons for having an endodontic treatment in Dubai

– You may need to have a root canal treatment if your tooth has become badly decayed to the point of infection and irreversible damage to the pulp.
– Your decayed tooth is causing you pain and discomfort in addition to having abscess and swelling.
– The tooth in question has had a lot of repeated procedures like dental fillings.
– Your tooth is damaged in one way or the other through root fractures, breaking or chipping.
– You have gum disease which necessitates a root canal treatment.

Root Canal procedure – what to expect

Before your endodontist in Dubai decides that a root canal treatment is what you need, he will first have to check your “bad” tooth through an x-ray to determine the extent and whereabouts of the damage caused by the decay.

During this root canal treatment in Dubai, the endodontist will first administer local anesthesia to the infected tooth. If you are one of the people who have bought into the notion that a root canal treatment is the most painful dental procedure in Dubai, then you are wrong. Actually having this procedure causes as much “pain” as having a dental filling in Dubai. This is why you will not get more anesthesia than you got during your dental filling session.

Just like in the dental filling, the endodontist in Dubai will drill an opening through the tooth from which he/she will be able to scoop out all the dead pulp, together with the nerves that is causing you such immense pain. This procedure is known as pulpectomy.

The empty canal is then cleaned out and disinfected, while you are still under anesthesia, so you will not feel any pain. The canals are also cleared of any debris.

A special material known as gutta-percha, which is a thermoplastic rubber-like material heated then compressed onto the walls of the canals to seal them. Adhesive cement is added to the gutta-percha, in order to completely seal the root canals to prevent any re-infections.

After your endodontist in Dubai has finished the sealing, he will then put in permanent dental filler in the hole drilled to access the root canal. If you are still not sure about the dental filler that you want, then the dentist can put in place a temporary one until you decide.

When the procedure is complete, the dentist will recommend antibiotics in order to prevent or treat any existing bacterial infections. In case your tooth was too far gone, you might need a full dental restoration in Dubai, which means after the root canal treatment, you will need long-lasting dental filler and a crown.

Basically, if well taken care of, a root canal can last a lifetime.

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