Sultan Al Olama Medical Center

  • Central building, street 15, Algeria Street, Mirdif, United Arab Emirates
  • 5778 284-04
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Sultan Al Olama Medical Center

Sultan Al Olama Medical Center – Sultan Al Olama Medical Center is an established center of excellence for Dermatology & laser, Dentistry,Orthodontics, General Medicine, Pediatrics, Neurology and Ear, Nose & Throat that aims to provide personalized high quality healthcare services in a comfortable environment to people in The United Arab Emirates.



The center offers all medical specialties skin diseases and skin care and cosmetic operations.

Has customers consultancy medical superior meet their aspirations in the field of skin care with state-provided by science in this area to achieve the best results, so enjoy doctors and specialists of skin and beauty technicians have high efficiency and skills distinct able to diagnose and treat all cases and that made us a permanent point of them and as far as high level of expertise and competence and responsibility.

This requires us to always provide services and programs Chi_khasah specially designed to harmonize with all the requirements, both in skin care, hair or to view more youthful.

We always promise to get healthy skin from the inside and shiny and radiant and renewed always from the outside, not MAKE control your age your skin.


BSP offers psychiatric care, science centered on the patient at the highest levels, supports and published at the same time the level of public awareness of mental health in the community, and serves as an educational resource for all of the mental health-related issues. Center followed as a more modern psychiatry programs and comprehensiveness of the region’s culture of “patient first” which ensures the best results for his patients treatment.

Embrace the responsibility to give everyone a chance healthier and more productive lives, Behavioral Sciences Pavilion is located in the heart of a proactive plan to increase community awareness, and promote the education of all members of the medical staff, and the continued upgrading of the treatment of the patient. It ensures professionals wing people with highly trained to provide mental health care professional and caring service conform to the highest international standards, which improves the ultimate quality of life of the patient.

Your first appointment:

Your meeting with our psychological doctor, it will be a little different from those of professionals from other disciplines, because it will involve mainly asked about your condition. The implementation of the physical examination and laboratory investigations only if it is necessary from your symptoms.

In Sultan scientists Medical Center, we conduct special and standard evaluation processes in an attempt to understand what stress or pressures you may face in everyday life (family, friends, work, etc.).

Psychological Services:

Psychological science
Child and adolescent mental
Educational Psychology
The cover consultation and according to the rules of confidentiality that applies to any medical consultation

self evaluation:

Cases of depression
Social Fear


Is one of the most popular forum in the region, it handles patients with diseases of the ear, nose and throat as well as suffering from problems in the head and neck. It also includes a media section to treat patients who are deaf, where a process of cochlear implants in a new way without resorting to Thver craniotomy.

It provides Nose and ear and throat following services:

Specialized clinics:

Nose jobs
Snoring and sleep disorders
Problems related to audio
Treatment of swelling in the head and neck
Checking in with the patient’s perspectives


Most of the ear, nose and throat operations carried out for a period of one day and the patient is directed in the same day of the operation.


The introduction of a tube Jeromataaadh building series Alazemihamilit bone Almastoidtrgia tabla
Cochlear Implants

The nose:

Septum surgery
Nasal turbinate surgery (laser or radio frequency)
Nasal endoscopic sinus surgery
Heal the sinus balloon


Incision amygdala (powered tools)
Surgery snoring.
Remove foreign objects from the ear, nose and throat
Treatment of oral diseases


Surgery throat and vocal cords
Arthroscopy sleep


Before the advent of treatments using lasers, it was the only way to remove excess body hair is through shaving, and the accompanying cuts and scratches rapidly growing hair again, or wax, which often leaves the skin full of bruises.

He then appeared laser technology .. this amazing technology penetrating rays in the roots of the hair to destroy the hair follicles forever. Exquisite technique and they are very effective, but their misuse can cause severe pain and result in burns and pigmentation of the skin and an increase in hair growth.

Dermatologists and our specialists in laser-based techniques, so you can make sure you are in good hands. As for the results, Vendmn reduce hair growth by 80% .. This Ntltzm promised to fulfill his well-deserved. So when you want to spend some time on the beach, do not just put lotion protection from the sun and the tee .. It is an experience not painful at all!


– Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
– Pediatric Dentistry
– Orthodontic Dentistry
– Cosmetic Dentistry
– General Dentistry


We have all analyzes of hormones, anemia, sugar and fat screening, cholesterol count, Damahamra, white and platelets Aldmorah and speed of sedimentation and hemoglobin, immune illnesses and infections of all known hepatitis Patelaaon with high quality laboratories.


Adopted the principles of family medicine in the most advanced medical care systems around the world are based on the following:

The patient first – giving priority to the needs of the patient and comfort for the duration of his stay in the

Evidence-based medicine – the adoption of a reliable diagnosis treatment

Professional – to act in accordance with the appropriate professional conduct to gain the patient’s confidence

Evolution – the continued training and development of knowledge and self-education for doctors

Support the rights of the patient – the commitment to strengthen and maintain the confidence of the patient throughout undergoing medical care.

Universal health care – a unified approach to treatment discriminate, if necessary, the need to provide counseling and alternative methods of treatment.

Choose a family doctor

Respect of family doctors providing primary care for all family members, and their goal is to provide preventive and primary care to include a wide range of complaints and problems of the patients and who, when you need to consult a specialist doctor, transfers within the overall coordination of patient care procedures.

These doctors take care of several individuals, and even several generations of the same family, so it is wise to choose the closest family medicine clinic for the area where you live. Members of our team is particularly interested in knowing the health history of the patient and how it could impact on public health. Yuli Family Physicians special attention to preventive medicine and early detection programs.

Department of Medicine offers a range of family medical care acute and chronic and preventive for men, women and children on the basis of high-quality medicine:

– Treatment of acute diseases
– Adolescent Health
– Communication and medical education community
– Medical counseling services
– Tests pre-employment
– Periodic examinations (comprehensive annual disclosure for women and men)
– Tests and consulted before marriage
– School Health
– Its travel advisory
– Early screening programs
– Vaccination programs
– Care of babies before and after birth
– The growth of child care
– Adolescent Health
– Women’s health programs
– Acute and chronic disease care for adults
– Care of the elderly
– Home care program
– Counseling
– Mental health care
– The conversion procedures
– Procedures and minor surgery
– Researches
– Community awareness and education


Treat people, and the change of life

Altjansa medicine is an alternative system of medicine has recently gained enormous popularity as a safe and reliable methods for special treatments in cases where conventional medicine fails to provide a solution or cure for Habladhavh to acquire stronger immune overcome the disease in the future.

All medicines are made from natural ingredients, the human body accepts it easily and responds very well to it.

Please communicate with us and get the right advice from consultants to Denalalaj following illnesses:

– Chronic allergies
– Dermatitis and eczema, acne, pimples
– Hair Loss, Hair Loss
– Repeated attacks of rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis
– Children complaints from breast milk diarrhea, stomach cramps, and repetition loose motions or constipation
– Muscle aches and pains
– Anxiety and stress conditions
– Female complaints: menstrual disorders, hormonal imbalance, and complaints after menopause, PMS
– Chronic headaches, migraines, vertigo
– Gastritis, acidity
– Cracks


Sultan Al Olama Medical Center

Central building, street 15, Algeria Street, Mirdif, United Arab Emirates
Tel: 5778 284-04
Fax: 5779 284-04

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