Tooth Cleaning & Polishing in Dubai

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Tooth Cleaning & Polishing in Dubai

Tooth Cleaning & Polishing in Dubai – Professional tooth cleaning and polishing can help to prevent tooth decay, gum diseases and other problems that result from neglecting proper dental care. Cleaning teeth daily and polishing them will not only enhances beautiful smiles but healthy as well.

Team of highly qualified dentists and hygienist are capable of spotting problems at early stage, clean your teeth and gum thus prevents long-term oral diseases. Teeth cleaning utilises special instruments to remove the deposits without harming the teeth. Polishing involves smoothening surfaces of the teeth using a rubber cup or brush applied with polishing paste. Therefore, professional tooth cleaning and polishing helps to remove the food debris, plaque and tartar deposits overtime to offer clean and smooth teeth.

There are myriad benefits for patients from professional tooth cleaning and polishing. Full oral examination helps early detection of periodontal diseases, cavities or oral cancer, offers a naturally whitening solution to teeth and advice on proper oral care and maintenance.

Cleaning your teeth and gums properly is an important aspect of oral hygiene. Even with good oral practices at home, it is difficult to spot hidden build up of plaque, tartar, cavities or gum diseases. Therefore, regular dental checkups are vital for professional tooth cleaning and polishing.

Dental Cleaning And Scaling

Dental cleanings involve removing plaque (a soft, sticky layer of bacteria, food & saliva) and hard tartar (calculus) deposits that have built up on the teeth over time. Your teeth are continually bathed in saliva which contains calcium and other substances which help strengthen and protect your teeth. While this is definitely beneficial, it unfortunately means that we tend to get a build-up of calcium deposits on the teeth. This chalky substance will build up over time, almost like the limescale deposits at the base of your kettle. Usually it is tooth coloured and can easily be mistaken as part of the teeth, but it can also vary from brown to black in colour.

If this tartar is allowed to build up on the teeth, it will unfortunately provide the right conditions for bacteria to thrive beside the gums. The purpose of cleaning and polishing is basically to leave the surfaces of the teeth beautifully clean and smooth so that bacteria are unable to stick to them and so provide you a better chance of keeping the teeth clean during your regular daily hygiene regime.

Scaling is the process of removing the plaque and tartar from both above and below the gum line. The harmful substances are removed without damage to the tooth or gums.
The rougher parts of your teeth with then be smoothed. This will help prevent the future formation of bacteria as it will eliminate the tiny crevices that are utilized to collect debris and form into plaque. Also, by smoothing out the surfaces of the tooth, the gums are enables to reattach to the teeth at a higher level.
Lastly the teeth will be finished with a polish which will make it more difficult for plaque to adhere to the teeth.

Flouride Application

Fluoride varnish is a highly concentrated form of fluoride which is applied to the tooth’s surface, by a dentist, dental hygienist or other health care professional, as a type of topical fluoride therapy. It is not a permanent varnish but due to its adherent nature it is able to stay in contact with the tooth surface for several hours. It may be applied to the enamel, dentine or cementum of the tooth and can be used to help prevent decay, remineralise the tooth surface and to treat dentine hypersensitivity.

About Dubai Sky Clinic

The Dubai Sky Clinic situated on the 21st floor of the Burjuman Business Tower, offers a breathtaking panoramic view over the city.

Our breathtaking and renowned location offers easy access to facilities such as; high-end fashion outlets, cozy and plush restaurants along with the largest fitness center in the Middle East, within the vicinity. A visit to our clinic offers you much more than just dental care; it can become a part of your lifestyle without the hassle of going the distance.

At Dubai Sky Clinic, we strive to always be on the cutting edge of dental technology and are among the first to introduce new and improved procedures that are designed to enhance our services by providing you with the best dental care possible. The Clinic was built on a solid foundation of providing our clientele with a relaxing, comfortable, technologically advanced and sophisticated backdrop in order to secure the title of possessing the highest quality dental facility in Dubai.

Image and functionality are the two main criteria that we considered when designing our dental clinic. Integrating these items to best reflect the quality of our technology, clinicians and staff was one of our key challenges.

The Clinics eloquent reception area is designed to welcome you the moment you enter with a breathtaking view of Dubai enhanced by the aroma freshly brewed coffee and amiable atmosphere heightened by our friendly staff.

Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art dental technologies, our treatment rooms are intended to additionally provide you with the most relaxing facilities, where you can browse the internet, watch a DVD movie on the attached screen to the dental chair, or plug in your mp3 player to our computers and listen to your favorite music so that you feel right at home with us.

Dubai Sky Clinic
Burjuman Tower, Level 21, Dubai, U.A.E.
Tel: + 971 4 355 5101

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