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Tummy Tuck in Dubai Marina

Tummy Tuck in Dubai Marina – Since many CosmeSurge® Centers are located in the Middle East where women tend to have multiple children, tummy tuck surgery is the second most common operation we perform after liposuction.

The best candidates for tummy tucks or abdominoplasty are men or women who are in relatively good shape but are bothered by a large fat deposit or loose abdominal skin. A protruding abdomen can be a cause of distress for men and women alike. The surgery is particularly helpful to women who, through multiple pregnancies, weak abdominal muscles are annoyed by loose skin that has been over-stretched and no longer responds to diet and exercise. For those who have experienced a massive weight loss, their only alternative to loose overhanging skin is surgery.

Patients who intend to lose a lot of weight should postpone the surgery. Also, women who plan future pregnancies should wait, as vertical muscles in the abdomen that are tightened during surgery can separate again during pregnancy.

Patients who intend to lose a lot of weight should postpone the surgery. Also, women who plan future pregnancies should wait, as vertical muscles in the abdomen that are tightened during surgery can separate again during pregnancy.

Your Procedure

There are three basic techniques used to flatten a protuberant abdomen. Liposuction, mini-tucks and full tummy tucks. The best technique for you will depend largely on your goals and your specific problem.

Liposuction alone can produce a thin abdominal wall for some. If your laxity and excess skin is below your navel, a mini tummy tuck may be right for you. For those with severe laxity of their abdominal muscle or excessive skin, a full tummy tuck may be their only solution.

A full tummy tuck is usually performed on an inpatient under general anesthesia with the patient asleep, or with spinal anesthesia. Surgery routinely starts by infiltrating fluids under the skin thereby creating a hydraulic dissection. This loosens up the skin. A long incision (red line) is made low down in the abdomen just above the pubis and all the tissues of the abdomen superficial to the muscles are elevated. The skin flap becomes very flexible due to the liposuction and slides down easily.

The flap is elevated up to the navel and after going around it, limited dissection is done in the upper abdomen so as to preserve most blood and lymphatic vessels and nerves. If needed the abdominal muscles are tightened at the midline. The excess skin can easily be removed, the belly button which has been buried inside is brought out through a circular incision at the correct location and the abdomen can be closed. This provides a firmer abdominal wall and narrows the waistline.

Using the tumescent liposuction technique with limited dissection allows for liposuction to be conducted safely at the same time of the tummy tuck operation, creating good contour, better waste line while minimizing the risks of seromas, bleeding and infections.

When the belly button sits to high in the abdomen or when there is minimal skin sagginess above it we recommend a small operation called a mini-tuck. The incision is kept lower than in the full tummy tuck albeit it is as long. There is no scar around the belly button. The patient may go home in the same day.

With full tummy tucks the patient stays in the hospital for one to two nights. Pain is also not a big problem due to liberal use of local anesthetics in the tissue planes during liposuction and the intravenous painkiller after surgery.

Regardless of which procedure you have, your incisions are closed with small sutures. Small drains may also be inserted to eliminate fluid buildup. Snug elastic bandages are then applied to the area. All tummy tucks in our centers are done under spinal anesthesia with mild sedation.

What are the possible complications?

At CosmeSurge®, we have done more than a thousand tummy tuck without a single death or ICU admission or blood transfusion. When done by a qualified surgeon who is operating in a good surgical hospital the results are generally quite positive. Nevertheless, there are always some risks associated with surgery and specific complications associated with this operation.

Post-operative complications such as infection and blood clots are rare, but can occur. Infection can be treated with drainage and antibiotics, but will prolong your hospital stay. You can minimize the risk of blood clots by moving around as soon after the surgery as possible.

At CosmeSurge® we have an excellent smoke cessation program whereby smokers quit without pain, stress or depression and without gaining weight. Our program is used by patients prior to their tummy tuck as skin necrosis, infections, fatal blood clots and bad scars are more likely in heavy smokers. The few complications we have recorded with this operation have almost always involved patients who cheated or lied to our surgeons about their smoking in their hope to get the surgery done regardless of their addiction.

After your surgery

Bed rest is recommended for the first day. For the first few days, your abdomen will probably be swollen and you are likely to feel some pain and discomfort which can be controlled by medication. Depending on the extent of the surgery, you may be released within a few hours or you may have to remain hospitalized for two to three days.

A special abdominal support garment is often necessary for several weeks. Exercise will help you heal better. Even people who have never exercised before should begin an exercise program to reduce swelling, lower the chance of blood clots, and tone muscles. Vigorous exercise, however, should be avoided until you can do it comfortably.

Most patients experience some numbness in the area of their abdomen, which may last as long as a year. Your scars may actually appear to worsen during the first three to six months as they heal, but this is normal. Expect it to take nine months to a year before your scars flatten out and lighten in color. While they’ll never disappear completely, abdominal scars will not show under most clothing, even under bathing suits.

Your new tummy

A tummy tuck, whether partial or complete, produces excellent results for patients with weakened abdominal muscles or excess skin. And in most cases, the results are long lasting, if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Patients who intend to lose a lot of weight should postpone the surgery. Also, women who plan future pregnancies should wait, as vertical muscles in the abdomen that are tightened during surgery can separate again during pregnancy. If the patient has scarring from previous abdominal surgery, the doctor may recommend against abdominoplasty or may caution that scars could be unusually prominent.

About CosmeSurge® & Emirates Hospital

Our Goal Is To Enhance Your Experience.

Since its inception in 1998, CosmeSurge has been treating patients from around the world in our state-of-the-art facilities. We pride ourselves on the highest level of clinical care provided by our caring, professional staff, and our team of experienced and dedicated physicians – each with the training to make sure you leave looking your best.

At CosmeSurge, our goal is to exceed your expectations, so we will provide you with the absolute finest service and quality care, to give you a world-class experience for your procedure at an affordable price.The CosmeSurge advantage is a part of everything that we do, from our variety of surgical and non-surgical services to the highly trained specialists performing them in our state-of-the-art facilities.

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