Versailles Dental Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City

Versailles Dental Clinic in Dubai HealthCare City
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Versailles Dental Clinic in Dubai HealthCare City

Choosing a dentist that suits you and your family is very important ,this is a relationship for life.

Versailles Dental Clinic in Dubai experts in modern dentistry

Choosing a dentist in Dubai that suits you and your family is very important as this is a relationship that you will probably have for many years. That is why at Versailles Dental Clinic in Dubai, we strive to maintain very high standards and adhere to practices regulated by the healthcare authorities in the UAE and in Europe. We do not take risks with your oral health and it is important to us that you to feel very re-assured and comfortable in our care.

Dr. and Madame Caron created the first Versailles French Dental Clinic in 1987 in Versailles, France. Based on several years of experience and patient research done in the gulf region, they soon came to understand the need for a reputable dental clinic in Dubai with quality dental consulting. Dr. Caron is a very reliable dentist in Dubai. We understand that first-rate state-of-the-art equipment, highly-educated and friendly staff, and a wide range of services are qualities that are on the top of your check–list. We specialize is several areas of dentistry including:

dental implants
– bleaching whitening treatment
– orthodontics
cosmetic dentistry
– restorative dentistry
– oral surgery
– clinical oral examination
– oral hygiene
– dental diagnostics
– panoramic x-ray
– 3 D dental scan

The professionals at Versailles Dental Clinic work continuously to improve dentistry in Dubai by updating procedures, equipment and products. Our staff regularly participates in on-going training in the latest techniques and methods. And best of all, we are proud to have acquired a large and growing portfolio of beautiful smiles and happy patients that have remained faithful to us for many years. At Versailles Dental Clinic in Dubai provide efficient,advanced dental treatments and customer care.

We place great emphasis in maintaining long-standing relationships with our patients and greatly appreciate the trust you have placed in us. We are always available for consultations and questions. Please do not hesitate to call or speak with us on-line.


Over the past 5 years, the dental field has seen some very interesting changes in the ways of diagnosing and treating patients. With 3D diagnostics technology, we can now make assessments in 3 dimensions instead of the usual 2D digital x-rays that are often used.

At the Versailles Dental Clinic DUBAI, we have invested in this 3D diagnostic technology in order to better perform our assessment and evaluation of your dental problems. Viewing a patient’s oral anatomy in 3D gives our professionals a real perception, allowing a diagnosis that would not be possible using standard 2 dimensional digital images.

With this technology, we can be complete your dental work more efficiently and more accurately. Implants and crowns can be placed with more ease, impacted, hidden or missing teeth can be precisely located and we can effectively identify bone and gum disease.

The use of 3D diagnostics has greatly reduced the need for dental impressions which minimises your chair time, diminishes your discomfort, and allows us to formulate an accurate treatment plan quickly and proficiently.

Most dentists today use the digital 2D x-ray system. 2D x-rays, such as bite wings and panoramic images, must be taken several times in order to obtain a “complete” view of the mouth. When performing numerous 2D x-rays patients are exposed to radiation doses higher than that emitted from a single 3D diagnostic SCAN. And for most treatments, only 1 3D scan will be required.

We believe that state-of-the-art technology and well-trained staff are important for the comfort, reassurance and welfare of our patients. As you trust us with your oral care, we feel that an accurate and precise diagnosis, which will allow us to produce your individual treatment plan, is the only way to work together to create your perfect smile.


Invisalign is the clear way to straighten teeth without braces, using aligners.

What is Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners or invisible braces, are gentle and effective as they are comfortable and give very little trauma to the teeth, dental roots and associated surrounding bone. At Versailles Dental Clinic we use only Invisalign® brand of clear aligner orthodontics because they are FDA approved, only used by certified professionals and are the most precise and accurate clear aligners on the market.

How does it work?

Step 1: Book your 1 hour initial appointment for Invisalign Dubai. Prints are taken ,the practitioner will assess your case and tell you the approximate duration of the treatment.

Step 2: Two weeks after your initial appointment return to Versailles Dental Clinic for a short 15 min appointment for your digital treatment plan.The ClinCheck technology allows you to see the movement of your hidden teeth and the final result of your smile. Are you happy with the final picture? Then you are ready for step 3.

Step 3: After 2 more weeks we have your full set of aligners Invisalign Dubai ready. You are invited back , the practitioner sets the first aligner. Return every 2-4 weeks for your regular 15 min appointments at Versailles Dental Clinic.

Step 4: Voila! You are at the end of your Invisalign Dubai treatment, you have a dazzling smile. A retainer is normally set for few month to reinforce the correct bite.


*PLATINUM practitioner level is attributed for highly qualified and experienced practitioners only.

N.B. It is important that you ensure your dental practitioner is CERTIFIED by the Official INVISALIGN Manufacturer.



– Gapped teeth

– Crooked teeth

– Overly crowded teeth

– Overbite

– Underbite

– Crossbite


– Clear aligners are almost invisible or transparent

– Smooth comfortable plastic aligners

– Removable for a good oral hygiene

– Enjoy all your favorite meals through clear braces

– Virtually painless transition from one aligner to another


– Requires brackets and wires

– Wires can poke and irritate your gums and cheek

– Brushing and flossing require more effort

– Many food restrictions

– Potentially painful reactivation of braces

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