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15/12/2019 Dubai City Guide

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Choose the Right Hotel in Dubai For Your Dubai Travel. Check All Hotels in Dubai, Read Reviews, Book Cheap & Discount Hotels in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
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Dubai Hotels Directory – The easy way of searching hotels. Want to find the best hotel every time? Start using, No. 1 hotel search engine. Dubai Hotels Directory has the largest hotel database online including all reputable hotel booking websites which gives you the comfort of knowing no hotel deal will be missed. Take advantage of discount hotel prices now.

Best business travel hotel rooms can be found using the hotel search engine from Travel searchers can now save significant time looking for a hotel with Dubai Hotels Directory Online newly launched travel social search engine that combines comprehensive web content and input from users’ social networks. The result is personalized hotel rankings versus generic content you receive on other business travel sites. The combination of aggregated travel content and input from friends assures comprehensive and personalized results.

In a lot of ways the hotel industry is a bit of a shady business. They are like airlines, when you set out to buy a ticket your never quite sure how much you are going to end up paying, the same thing happens when you book hotel rooms. Even worse you are likely to find out that had you booked at a different time or used a different method you would have got a lower price. This helps to explain the huge popularity of hotel search engines that help people to find the best deal. (more…)

Expats Living in Dubai – Reasons For Making Dubai Your Home

03/06/2016 Dubai City Guide

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Living in Dubai - Complete Guide to Expats Living in Dubai City. Dubai Expat Advice & Information for Working and Living in Dubai City.
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Expat Guide to Living in Dubai City – Complete Guide to Expats Living in Dubai. Dubai Expat Advice & Information for Working and Living in Dubai City. Living in Dubai means living in the most important expat destination in the Middle East. Does this sound like a great idea to you? Read our InterNations Expat Guide to find out what to expect from life in Dubai! Learn all about accommodation, healthcare, and education for expat children.

Expats living in Dubai used to experience a booming metropolis with a prosperous economy, but, of course, the economic crisis of 2008/2009 also affected life in the emirate. However, Dubai’s economy is slowly recovering and the emirate is on its way to once again becoming the economic center of the UAE. Dubai is divided by a creek into the Deira district in the northeast and Bur Dubai in the southwest. (more…)

Best Places to Visit in Dubai

29/05/2016 Dubai City Guide, Dubai Travel Guide

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Best Places to Visit in Dubai with Pictures, Videos & Reviews. Discover the Best Places to Visit in Dubai & Best Tourist Locations to Visit in Dubai UAE.
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Best Places to Visit in Dubai – Dubai Attractions – Places to Visit, Activities and Events. Latest information on Dubai attractions, places activities and events to visit in and around Dubai. No matter what you are looking for in a vacation, visiting Dubai can offer it all to you. Whether you want excitement and adventure, or peace and relaxation, you will find it all there. Dubai is becoming one of the top vacation destinations in the world. It is not hard to understand why with their clean, sandy beaches and their big malls and fancy restaurants. Dubai has everything you could want. If you are considering planning your vacation to Dubai, you will be glad that you did. If malls are something that excite you, then Dubai offers many of them to choose from. The Wafi Mall, City Centre and the Mall of the Emirates are just a few of them. These malls have many shops that offer anything that you could dream of. Exotic fashions for everyone’s taste awaits you.

Even though Dubai is in the desert, the Mall of the Emirates offers a completely indoor snow park called Ski Dubai. It is famous for indoor skiing, ice skating, snowboarding and tobogganing. It also has ski slopes in varying degrees of difficulty. They offer everything you could need to enjoy a day playing in the snow. The mall also has themed restaurants to enjoy after a long day playing in the snow. Some of the restaurants have great views of the slopes to enjoy while you are eating. With the different restaurants and variety of food, you are sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds. (more…)

Restaurants Deals in Dubai – Best Restaurants Deals in Dubai

07/05/2015 Dubai City Guide

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Restaurants in Dubai. Dubai Restaurants Directory & Reviews. Best Restaurants in Dubai with Menu, Photos, Ratings and Reviews of Restaurants in Dubai, UAE.
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Restaurants Deals in Dubai – Top Restaurants Deals in Dubai at Best restaurants deals in Dubai – Menu, Photos, Ratings and Reviews of Top Restaurants in Dubai. Dubai Restaurants, Best Restaurants in Dubai, Brunches Guide & Reviews. Complete Dubai City Information & Guide including Dubai Restaurants, Restaurants in Dubai, Best Brunches information & Guide, Food & Drink, Restaurant Views & Reviews. Also find the list of best restaurants of Dubai.

All Dubai has contact details, deals, reviews, and ways to book the best restaurants in Dubai, including Japanese, Steak, Indian, Thai & Chinese Best Restaurants in Dubai. (more…)

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